Mademoiselle C. Chanel, the icon of fashion

We know who is Chanel: a great French stylist who founded a her fashion house in the XX century. But few of us knows the innovative power of her creations in Western culture …and how many people know the soul of this woman?

Here is played the real Coco Chanel: loves, friendships and important moments of the career are presented through flashbacks where singing, dancing and acting are protagonists.

We can notice also the present of the protagonist: now she is old and she has never really fought the ghosts of her past. She does not often agree with her interviewer.

In fact she accuses the artist of instability and egotism.

You have the target to discover the essence of Coco.

A suggestion: you can find her sould beyond her story.

The full version will be presented in June 2018.

MADEMOISELLE C. Chanel, l’icona della Moda
Writed and directed by
di Mary Ferrara

Vocal Coach: Carlo Alberto Gioia e Michela Varvaro
Coreography: Miriam Bonaccorso


With Chiara Abbas (Geneviève Boucher de la Bruyère),

Giulia Capuzzimato (Cècile Sorel),

Jessica of Bernardi (Claude Delay),

Stefano di Giulio (Etienne de Balsan),

Brina Tahaebrahim Halawa (Vera Bate Lombardi),

Somali Tahaebrahim Halawa (Suzanne Orlandi ),

Virginia Menendez (mise Sert),

Andrea Palmieri (Arthur Boy Capel)

and with Vanessa Innocenti in the role of Coco Chanel

Cast Technical Assistant Director: Matteo Maria Dragoons-scenography: Marco Mabou-Costumes and makeup: Virginia Menendez-Press office: MF Press

Synopsis: In the complicated attempt to write a biography with four hands, the “unedited” side of one of the most important fashion designers emerges in the history of fashion. Chanel in the last days of his life, between abuse and memories, retraces his past in a very short time, bringing to life, through memory, the most important people who have marked their destiny and above all, their career. From the unstable character and daughter of self-centeredness, Chanel does not leave much room for interpretation. On the other hand, it immerses the viewer in the fascinating world of the Belle Epoque and makes it breathe the essence, romantic and full of possibilities.

The original text was presented in National Preview on March 25, 2018 at the Sala Uno Theater in Rome and in a reduced preview. The complete version will be presented on June 16, 2018 at the Teatro Brancaccino in Rome.

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