Nuove strategie di marketing per trasformare tutti noi in cittadini digitali: la PA si trasforma!

Digital Italy seen through the eyes of Europe is still disappointing.

The Desi (Digital Economy and Society Index) is the index produced by the EU to objectively evaluate the digital progress of countries, according to the latest estimates worse than Italy: only Greece, Bulgaria and Romania.

If you take a picture of the internal situation, the usual two-speed growth is recorded, where the North is always the driver and the South is always looking for a quick recovery.

The latest news is ComunicaItalia.It is the platform for the institution and public communication experts involved in the promotion of digital services designed for the “Cittadino2020” (the Government has also drawn up an ideal manifesto). A smarter Citizen than a common file prefers an app or downloading and sending a form with a PC; a Citizen who communicates via whatsapp with the official to know the weather conditions or to have relevant urgent information, a Citizen who pays his stamp with the smartphone.

In short, a toolbox designed to support the management of change that makes institutional communication a powerful lever if it is used in a switch-off logic of the traditional ways of using services to the citizen.

The Agency for Digital Italy has recently launched its third and last public consultation on its corporate website with the marketing guidelines for all the insiders of over 40 thousand administrations present in Italy. These last months have followed those on communication and storytelling techniques. A complex work born after a benchmarking analysis with what has already been successfully tested by the Anglo-Saxon governments on the basis of the cds. “Nudges”, the gentle drives, theorized by Thaler and Sunstein. These, American and English experiences, before all the others, have shown how, taking into account social and psychological factors, it is possible to create the best conditions to involve citizens in the realization of shared objectives, without resorting to new obligations and prohibitions. .

The ultimate goal is to encourage public administrations to put in place new communication strategies, storytelling and marketing to create commercials, digital campaigns, engage influencers, etc … to reduce the distances between citizen and state, conceived in an increasingly “human centered” oriented “.

The first steps that the new communicators of the public administrations involved in the experimentation should make to achieve this should be that of “digital literacy”: one can not preach well and scratch badly; adopt a “consumer friendly” language and abandon the very reassuring bureaucracy; but above all to become more authentic and sincere, you know the web and social media do not forgive!

While Europe appreciates the profuse economic investments, we are challenged by the strong digitization gap of the PA services that still exists, we will see in the coming months how the future Communicators2020 and, in general, the PA, will win the trust of all those citizens who still they ask what is the devil called SPID and new positions in the Desi scale.

For more info and more information on the contents of the guidelines The portal contains the three above-mentioned complete guidelines divided into thematic areas and the graphic kits for advertising and marketing experts.*

*This translation is generated automatically.

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