First aid (emergency room) in Rome

policlinico-umberto-i-romaThe tale of a medical aid in Rome sixteen years after the year 2000.

The ‘last’ health emergency experience we touch ‘last Christmas when it was clear that the real party would not play cards with friends but follow their loved ones to the emergency room.
Before discriminant urgency the vicinity ‘!
Policlinico Umberto Primo Hospital emergency room of the city ‘university “La Sapienza” of Rome, the temple of the chairs and the lives of everyone won.
The emergency facility first aid works independently but if the help might serve you better. I translate: if you have brought with you the photographic material of the accident or the volume of blood lost, for example, you can easily get around the main barrier to entry. Access to first aid and ‘influenced the triage nurse who decides whether your case and’ serious and as expressing the colors.
The colors range from white to red apparent last-resort emergency signaling.
Policlinico-Umberto-Primo_RomaTo arrive at a diagnosis of gravity ‘may not be enough but the photos come in handy any information that repeated ad nauseam in the cop shows. They will serve, fish out suffered by your horror, from your emergency personnel. Color Density ‘odor, in their minute descriptions serve to paramedics to determine whether access to emergency surgery or not. Do not be shy so if there was the smell of a corpse in a body substance produced by unfortunate you are accompanying, you have to report it!
For foreigners try to report it in English or try to pronounce the translator to google the word or phrase you need. Italians like everyone else basically just human understand their language … do pronounce your smartphone what you need and you will save ‘.
This trick will allow you to understand the “medical language” even beyond the emergency room, intensive care, for example I ‘happened to act as an interpreter with the google translator. No google would not have been possible “and not the ‘Somali in my spoken language options”. Without my smartphone I could not send photos to other doctors or nurses who have treated my affections. Photography and ‘an essential word if you want to live in civilization’ of the image even if it makes you wonder how many will use this facility within the reach of almost all the first aid room.
The other key word of survival following an emergency treatment carried out on a patient problematic to use in Rome is ‘”‘ Police”! Threatened to call the police. “I’ll call the police if you do not help me!”.
Patients have rights and emergency surgery may ‘have to be exercised by the police or at least threatened to overcome is the line in the emergency room that the acquisition of the medical record. In my case it took 5 calendar months ’cause you found out what had cut and why’ on that night last Christmas.
If you have a well or get directly threatened emergency accompanied by police and ‘your right. Never give your beloved for any reason, could also forget the doctors or nurses as’ happened to you ’cause it’s human to go to the bathroom and to the emergency room there is’ a doctor every eight cases (clearly urgent).
Pray if it makes you ‘feel better but do not give up your affection and equip yourself with food and water. The wait in an emergency room can ‘be of several hours is, if you have operated your beloved, is to make you say that is not’ to be hospitalized.
It might seem “bad health” ‘but’ their best and there is no ‘alternatives. The private may not have the machinery that serve to you public assistance but seems inefficient and ‘free for all and it’ crowded with young people who want a career to get to the chair. Use them these interns of terror department, the patient information will be your bargaining chip. More ‘chance and’ more complex ‘will be willing to put their skills to the test’ to become visible to the eye of the great professor who entering lane asks how are his workers.
Our stay at the Polyclinic looked like an episode of “Grace anatomy”. In emergency surgery at the Policlinico Umberto Primo are all beautiful, take a trip in the beautiful department, or raise your eyes from the sick they seem all armed by the sacred fire. If you are in charge of that department means that are due surgically intervene substantially and then you’re in the right place here you do exceptional things !.
If you have an emergency please contact the largest hospital but be aware that there are only 14 seats in intensive care

They saved your life, and sometimes, all bodies with whom you came in, then it’s up to you to continue to follow the practice and patient in the path that fate had entrusted to him.
There are only the best in this hospital, and even poorly tolerated by the university structure that pays them are the beating heart. That’s why ‘we come from afar to seek treatment at a place where a patient bleeding with four potentially deadly diseases the life-saving lengthening of another twenty years starting 81.
Do wonders Umberto Primo but fighting with the few resources they have. They may be denied a blanket in Rome in 2016 but the rescue and care are available. Democratic in this country there is’ only the health ‘public remains this’ the last photo of the rescue: the only tax exemption remained for the unemployed or destitute foreigners all. The rulers apparently use it as rich foreigners who come to be healed in Italy the same professionals relocated in a different structure. It ‘s not possible that in a place where operations are performed so well you can not have access to comfort and care devices. Bring the medicines from home and ‘the last piece of advice, or at least the list of medicines then if God will want to’ maybe tomorrow there will be ‘the right medicine’ cause you saved from this pull samples have finally decided to go home.
I therefore thank all those who have spoken in the realization of the miracle in the absence of means and especially STEFANO TOCCACELI, ILARIA CLEMENTI, GIOVANNI DEL SAVIO, DARIO CILLI, COLETTA DIEGO, SOFIA CAPOZZI, ADA FANCIA.

Policlinic Umberto I

Address: Viale del Policlinico, 155, 00161 Roma
Opened: year 1902
Phone: (+39) 06 49971
Function: Hospital
Founded: 1903
Architects: Giulio Podesti, Filippo Laccetti


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