Rome vs Paris


 Here is a ironic video that takes the very old parochial dispute between Italy and France.
Many foolishly wonder which city is better? … As if it had some way to establish a rank like a football championship with series A and lower in European geography.

Rome is mostly considered the most beautiful city in the world (Caput Mundi), it is a unique city because every corner is breathed full of history! Paris is the romantic destination result of an excellent marketing that has been perpetuated for centuries.
So Rome is certainly wonderful for a tourist, that has nothing to think if you visit monuments or relax having a coffee in one of many wonderful squares and little alleys of the city center.
But when you live in Rome we see all on different reality: for a Romans moving across the city means spend 3 hours in average every day of his life to drive in the traffic or on public transport, so a vast majority of citizens during the evening remains locked in the house in the suburbs where they lives, as the population living in the center of Rome is very small when you compare with the large amount that lives in more or less beautiful and poorly connected peripheries.

If people are better off in Paris it is really hard to say. Rome is a wonderfull city with so much humanity, Paris has a humanity very cold and “like Milan”, just to put it to Roman slang.
Obviously you live definitely better in a city where everything works, and probably in Paris for transports and bureaucracy all work much better than in Rome.
But there are many problems in Paris or not? What happens in the suburbs and magnified in different films is really unedifying even a busiessman and an homeless can move from one part to the other side of the city in few time.

The main difference is the relationship with the authorities, in cities such as Paris, Berlin, Madrid and London, just to name a few, is very easy to have justice and if you want to take the law for any abuse your case will be resolved in less than three months while in Rome timing is biblical, the access to the court is too complicated and the in most cases you, probably, should leave at home your justice idea.

In each case as a Roman citizens we can only be in accordance with an old post found on a travel blog that says:

You are joking?
Rome for life !!!!!!!!  and I say this not only because I am a Roman !!!!! people is better, it does not have the smell under her nose, struggle and lives happily !!!
     better than the Paris of the high fashion shows!!!!



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