King Lear

The courageous reinterpretation of” King Lear ” by the director Giorgio Barberio Corsetti succeeds in carrying the most famous Shakespeare tragedy from the past to the future.

The character of “King Lear” is transformed. The masterful interpretation of Ennio Fantastichini shines unquestioned on the stage. Its color is “fiery red”, like the dress it wears.

Sounds and images repeatedly invade the audience. And the fairy tale begins. A big party is a prelude to the decision taken by King Lear to share his kingdom among his daughters. It is the story of life. It’s the beginning of the end! The fairy tale gives way to a grotesque drama. King Lear will be engulfed in a vortex of despair that will lead him to madness.
They are all against everyone, and they are blind to self-destruction.

Power … ambition … cruelty … betrayal … is the “King Lear” of Shakepeare. But the comparison with today is scary! “

In the Cast of the highest level we can note the interpretation of Ennio Fantastichini who is able to take King Lear by the hand to bring him to madness.

Scheduled at the Teatro Argentina until December 10th 2017.

Re Lear (King Lear)
by William Shakespeare
translating Cesare Garboli
direction and adaptation Giorgio Barberio Corsetti

with Ennio Fantastichini
and Michele Di Mauro, Roberto Rustioni, Francesco Villano, Francesca Ciocchetti, Sara Putignano
Alice Giroldini, Mariano Pirrello, Pierluigi Corallo, Gabriele Portuguese, Andrea Di Casa
Antonio Bannò, Zoe Zolferino

scenes and costumes Francesco Esposito
Gianluca Cappelletti lights
music composed and performed live Luca Nostro
creation and production of videos by Igor Renzetti and Lorenzo Bruno
assistant director Giacomo Bisordi

Show times
before 9.00 pm
Tuesday and Friday at 21.00
Wednesday and Saturday at 19.00
Thursday and Sunday at 17.00
Monday rest

Scheduled at the Teatro Argentina until December 10th 2017.
12 December 2017 at 7.00 pm extraordinary reply – XVI Europe Theater Prize

first half an hour and 50 ‘
15 ‘interval
second half 55 ‘

Teatro di Roma production – National Theater and Teatro Biondo Palermo

Those who have not been able to see become blind, those who have not understood lose their mind …
who has betrayed sinks into betrayal, who is pure is slaughtered.


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