Reloaded of laughter with Lillo & Greg in the new version of L’Uomo that did not understand too much

After 7 years of the great success of The Man who did not understand too much, the new spy-comedy of Lillo & Greg arrives in Rome even more exhilarating and electrifying. The genius and the charisma of the comic couple Lillo and Greg transport us into the absurd world, a spystory of nonsense seasoned by a scenography in very effective Video Mapping.

We laugh from the first minute and we are immediately transported by the absurd. Striking the set design in 3D made entirely in video mapping and entertains all the new show of LSD productions is the stahe at the Teatro Olimpico from November 28 to December 23, 2017.
This new “Reloaded” version of the play written several years ago by Greg has p
rojected set designs and surprising costumes. For those who saw the show 7 years ago there are changes and inversions of roles with new characters that make the story more intriguing.

The scheme of comedy is standard: A quiet man with a quiet life that is suddenly turned upside down. 

On stage with Lillo & Greg   we find Vania Della Bidia, Benedetta Valanzano, Danilo De Santis and Marco Fiorini with the extraordinary participation & nbsp; in video by Lorella Cuccarini, Giancarlo Magalli, Maurizio Battista, Antonella Elia, Dario Salvatori, Paolo Bonolis and Lallo Circosta.

 The story  tells of a man with a quiet life who discovers that he is in the middle of a world of espionage and secret societies in which his wife Edna and his best friend Oscar upset him with dangerous adventures, chases, interrogations, shootings and all that you can imagine. Felix (Lillo) finds himself suddenly immersed in a spy story, a little 007 and a little Matrix and is following unintelligible instructions by Oscar (Greg), his best friend.

What Felix has always believed is not as it seems: neither his wife Edna, nor the best friend Oscar; the protagonist finds himself in a dimension of which he no longer understands the codes and, consequently, the language. From here begins its dangerous adventures, including chases, shootings and surreal interrogation, in the desperate struggle to foil the project of domination of the universe by a secret society.

L’uomo che non capiva troppo Reloaded

With the extraordinary participation in video of Lorella Cuccarini, Giancarlo Magalli, Maurizio Battista, Antonella Elia, Dario Salvatori, Paolo Bonolis e Lallo Circosta.


CODIRECTOR Claudio Piccolotto

CAST Lillo&Greg, Vania Della Bidia, Benedetta Valanzano, Danilo De Santis, Marco Fiorini

SCENES Andrea Simonetti


MUSIC  Claudio Gregori e Attilio Di Giovanni

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Nicoletta Fattibene

LIGHT LIGHTS Marco Palmieri

AUDIO Maurizio Capitini

WEB Giulio Soligo

Piazza Gentile da Fabriano, Roma

From 28 November to 23 December 2017
Tuesday to Saturday, 9.00pm and Sunday 6.00pm
Prices from 46 to 15,50 euros

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