A marvelous view over Rome will be seen after 40 years, and finally the new path will allow us to walk about 40 meters above the Coliseum. The Flavian Amphitheater then opened the IV and V levels since 1 November 2017.
A new itinerary goes through the stairs and galleries of the coliseum and was never opened to the public.
We can admire the tallest floor, the attic, which is just the highest point of the Rome symbol in the world.

The last two rings of the Coliseum were closed to the public forty years ago and so far they could be admired from below.
The restoration allowed to restore the intermediate tunnel and safely restored the fourth and fifth tiers. Also restored to the third level, where the visits ended.

The new path in the Coliseum is allowed with a guide and for groups of no more than 25 people.
It begins through the only gallery, between the second and the third level, preserved for the most part as it was originally, a vault cover intended for the sorting of the public where in the past were the bathrooms. The gallery had never been opened to the public and the restoration made it possible to admire the white plaster with some colored signs, travertine blocks dating back to the restoration of the Severi, which occurred after the 217 th century fire in Rome.

From the gallery the vistors will access to the top floors, from the third level, continue following the Amphitheater line, 15 meters high to reach the fourth and fifth level, in antiquity for the plebees that attended the very high performances. The fourth level was reserved for the small bourgeoisie and traders, the third level was for the middle bourgeoisie, the second level was for the knights while the former was dedicated to the senators.

From 1 November 2017, a guided tour will start from the  exhibition “Colosseoan icon”, to continue to the highest levels of the Amphitheater.
Visits are possible for groups up to 25 people, accompanied by archaeologists and art historians, and will last 75 minutes.

The cost is EURO 9 (free of charge for children under 12 years of age accompanied by parents) to which the entrance price for the Roman Colosseum-Roman Forum is to be added.

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