Rome is 2770 years old

On April 21, 2017, the city of Rome celebrated its birthday with 2770 years since its foundation.
Traditionally April 21, 753 BC is considered the date of the foundation of Rome. It is a symbolic date that represents a very important event in the history of the city: according to legend, the city of Rome was founded by Romulus, a descendant of the royal lineage of Alba Longa.

The myth tells about the founding by Romulus, which descended from Ascanio the Troyan hero, the son of Creus and Aeneas, who was in Lazio after the fall of Troy.
Historian Plutarch tells that: “The first to spread among the Greeks the most trusted version of Rome’s origins, the most faithful and best documented, was Diocle of Pepareto, with which he agreed on many details Fabio Pittore. “(Plutarch, Parallel Lives, Romulus, 3, 1, by Marco Bettalli.)

Eterna#2770 has become today the birthday festival of Rome, with appointments full program and extraordinary stars. Eterna#2770 is at its second edition and wants to give voice to the Romans desire to be together in a large open space to share and enjoy the spring in company.

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