International Festival of Comics, Animation, Cinema and Games
30 September to 3 October 2021
From 30 September to 3 October at the Rome Fair Centre, Romics, the International Festival of Comics, Animation, Cinema and Games, returns. After two years of stop due to the health emergency, the long-awaited XXVII edition of the festival, will be a great reboot: four pavilions with over 200 exhibitors, 4 days of kermesse in total safety where you can immerse yourself in all the worlds of creativity, from comics to illustration, from fiction to cinema with the industry news, publishers, comic shops, collectors, gadgets, video games and unmissable meetings with authors, publishers, influencers and talent.

After months of stops and slowdowns, here we are again with the joy, strength, playfulness, energy and colour that have always characterised the Romics event: The poster of the XXVII edition, created by Arianna Rea (Disney cartoonist, illustrator, character designer and teacher at the Scuola Romana dei Fumetti), speaks about it. Here we find a sparkling and modern Alice accompanied by the White Rabbit and the ticking clock, who lead us with confidence and humour into the worlds of the imagination, from comics to cinema, from games to cosplay.


During this period, Romics has never stopped its activities, with the aim of fostering the dissemination of the arts of the imagination, contributing to the re-launch of the sector’s enterprises, from small and medium-sized companies to major Italian players, while continuing to offer exhibitors and fans engaging experiences and initiatives. Romics places itself at the service of the institutions and cultural and creative enterprises of the sector, with which it has been collaborating for some time, confirming important partnerships: with the Ministry of Culture on the promotion of books and reading and the development and diffusion of Italian cinema and in particular of the Art Departments; with the Ministry of Education, on the languages of the imaginary as tools to support the teaching and creativity of students; with the Lazio Region on the promotion of publishing in the sector and the development of creative cultural industries. Thanks to an agreement between the Lazio Region, Unioncamere Lazio and the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, an area dedicated to Lazio companies will also be set up.

Happy Birthday Romics. Founded in the fall of 2001, Romics is now twenty years old. It could not miss an important event to remember and celebrate all those who have been awarded the Romics d’Oro: as many as 87 national and international personalities have taken the stage at Romics, from the great Bonellian comics to Argentinean comics, from the Rising Sun to the artists of the Franco-Belgian area, from Disney to Superheroes, from illustration to great cinema, special effects, and music.

On Sunday, October 3, 2021, in Hall 7, there will be a big special event, which will see the participation of many Romics d’Oro both in presence and with video, audio and drawing contributions, together to retrace their careers and the moment of the award ceremony, a moment of celebration and great thanks to all those, artists, collaborators, people working in the field and all the extraordinary public, who in these twenty years have contributed to the extraordinary event of Romics

The language of comics” – says Sabrina Perucca, Artistic Director of Romics – “has increasingly given voice, with great narrative ability, to the social and contemporary issues that characterize global society, interpreting feelings, emotions, anxieties, fears in a direct way without conditioning, encouraging new forms of storytelling; from illustrated literature to graphic novels, from graphic journalism to comic reportage. Romics has always been a place for discussion and meeting, attracting people from different generations, but with a significant prevalence of young and very young people. It is the place where, through the languages of the imagination – comics, cinema, fiction – social, environmental, multicultural, gender equality and human rights issues find space and attention”.

Romics increasingly promotes and supports reflection, dialogue and debate on these issues. Among the events scheduled for this year: a reflection on the opportunities in comics for women authors, with the panel Fumetti alla Pari. The changing world of comics. In the world of comics, the presence of female authors, although historically rooted, has only recently become significant and multifaceted. We will listen to the points of view of Laura Scarpa, author, publisher, expert in the sector, and historian of comics; Rita Petruccioli, author, illustrator and curator of projects and events linked to comics; Sonno (Michela Rossi), a young author of brilliant stories halfway between satire and interior monologue; the meeting will be led by Francesca Torre, Staynerd and member of the board of Moleste.

With the meeting Sfida agli stereotipi di Genere (Challenge to Gender Stereotypes), Fumettibrutti’s direct and disorienting pencils will offer a wide-ranging confrontation against stereotypes, against useless and suffocating barriers, through the strong and determined voice of Josephine Yole Signorelli who, through her Graphic Novels, has put in front of everything fundamental themes for the new generations and not only, with a disorienting narration, drawings that reveal the inside and the outside, dreams, doubts, torments. His most recent graphic novel Cererentola, produced together with Joe1, is a counter-fable that goes like this: “Cinderella has not gone to live in the castle, but in a punk commune. And she has no intention of marrying a prince. Better the company of her rat friends”. The interview is conducted by Orietta Cicchinelli (Metro Italia journalist and writer).

The need to tackle urgent environmental issues emerges strongly in the ironic (but scientific) talk entitled Gli animali, i veri supereroi (Animals, the real superheroes), in a widely popular format for all generations, through the intervention of Sio (creator of Scottecs, author for Shockdom and Feltrinelli Comics), Lorenzo de Felici (cartoonist for publishers in the USA, France and Italy) and Graziano Ciocca (author and science popularizer), a reflection on the true superpowers of animals, the extraordinary ability to adapt to an environment in continuous transformation, threatened by the super-Villain of the 21st century, the impact of man on natural environments.

In the meeting, sponsored by MeFu (Association for the representation and enhancement of Italian comics) Le trasformazioni nel fumetto: autori, contenuti e format, a reflection on the changes experienced by Italian comics in recent years and on what to focus on for the future. How the perception of comics and cartoonists has changed and the popularity of the medium, webcomics and the relationship between comics, inclusivity and other social issues. Participants in the meeting will be Elena Casagrande (Eisner prize-winning cartoonist for Marvel, co-founder of MeFu), Lorenzo Ghetti (cartoonist for Coconino and saldaPress, professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna) and Ariel Vittori (co-founder and president of Attaccapanni Press, vice-president of MeFu). Francesco Archidiacono (MeFu secretary) will be moderating.

A large space will be dedicated to authors in the Artist Alley. In Hall 7 it will be possible to meet important authors for commissions, sketches, illustrations, dedications, drawings, original plates and signatures: Sergio Algozzino, Francesco Barbieri, Michela Cacciatore, Quirino Calderone, Moreno Chiacchiera, Francesca Da Sacco, Michela Da Sacco, Giuseppe De Luca, Livia De Simone, Massimo Di Leo, Maurizio Di Vincenzo, Carlo Cid Lauro, Cristiana Leone, Riccardo Nunziati, Valerio Piccioni, Fernando Proietti, Piero Ruggeri, Enrico Simonato, Alessia Trunfio, Eva Villa and many others.

The programme of the XXVII edition will be full of presentations, activities, and special events. The Thursday of Romics will be dedicated to the world of manga and anime: the workshop of Midori Yamane, teacher at the International School of Comics, will tell us about the visual and narrative roots of manga, helping us to better understand the style that we are passionate about today; Andrea Yuu Dentuto mangaka who worked alongside sensei Monkey Puch on Lupin III and Adriano Forgione of Nippon Shock Edizioni will present a preview of the manga Loser and Mook by master Ryoichi Ikegami Wild & beauty, showing also how to draw Lupin. Maurizio Nataloni, Marco Chiuchiarelli, in dialogue with Alessandro Falciatore of Animeclick, present the book L’architettura nei fumetti – viaggio tra gli elementi urbani caratteristici dei fumetti e dell’animazione giapponese (Architecture in comics – a journey through the urban elements characteristic of Japanese comics and animation) which focuses on the settings in manga and anime and on architecture, an integral part of the set design. On the occasion of the launch of La Ciurma del Sole Nero (The Crew of the Black Sun), the new saga starring Mickey Mouse as Commander Tomorrow, the Fanta… stico Topolino (Mickey Mouse Fantasy) panel looks at the past and recent production of Mickey Mouse science fiction stories with the book’s scriptwriter Marco Gervasio, and with the author Cristian Canfailla and Topolino’s editor Alex Bertani; the panel will be hosted by Antonio Ranalli (journalist, Rai Ragazzi). The Tunuè publishing house, on the occasion of the release of the first volume, presents 7 Crimini – La truffa, the new comic strip series combining passion for crime and knowledge of law, with scriptwriters Katja Centomo and Emanuele Sciarretta and illustrators Bruno Cannucciari and Giorgio Pontrelli, moderated by Carla Gambale of Meganerd. Shockdom presents From comics to cinema with Violetta Rocks, Marco Tarquini and Solaria Film, telling the behind the scenes story of the pilot project that will kick off the production of the factory born between the publishing house and the production company Solaria Film with the film based on the graphic novel Il Migliore Dei Mali – L’Uomo di Latta. The Scuola Romana dei Fumetti presents In Maschera, storie dal volto coperto a volume produced by more than fifty students and former students with the collaboration of Ultra Edizioni, which leads to the discovery of masks (or masks) and the stories they conceal with Arianna Rea, Jacopo Angelini, Isabella Cacciabaudo, Silvia De Ventura, Mauro Falchetti; the meeting will be moderated by Valeria Arnaldi, journalist, Il Messaggero. Moreno Burattini and Gianni Sedioli, in conversation with Alessandro Bottero, talk about their artistic careers, which have led them to share extraordinary adventures in comics. Dynit will present the new anime releases on home video in the coming months, including the long-awaited Ultimate of Evangelion, and will take stock of the state of the Japanese animation market in Italy, including TV, streaming and cinema. Captain Blazer, gamer and youtuber, meets fans for the signing of his first novel Captain Blazer – Avventure mai viste, a fantastic story full of twists and turns. During the days of the festival, moreover, the Tunuè publishing house and the J-Pop Manga publishing house invite the public to play along with them with fun thematic quizzes that will give the opportunity to win fantastic prizes. Antonio Rezza presents his playing cards published by La Nave di Teseo, the first cards where the point is secondary with the Encefalon match, Antonio Rezza’s Giogo cards. saldaPress presents La scuola è un inferno. An Unkindness of Ravens – La vendetta dei corvi, a new young adult that tells, from a new point of view, the world of witchcraft. With Marianna Ignazzi, Fabiana Mascolo, Dan Panosian (connected from the United States), moderated by Alessio Danesi, saldaPress.

Sparkling and colourful special events await the Romics audience: Buon Compleanno Famiglia Simpson (Happy Birthday Simpsons Family) celebrates thirty years since the first Italian broadcast of TV’s most famous family with the voices of several historic Italian voice actors including Monica Ward (Lisa), Fabrizio Mazzotta (Krusty), Stefano Mondini (Principal Skinner) and Maura Cenciarelli (Ralph Wiggum and Rod Flanders). Franco Bianco will accompany the event with live drawings and Raggi Fotonici will pay tribute to the yellow family by singing and playing Buon compleanno Simpson. The event Cartoon Heroes – Gli Eroi di 40anni di Sigle Tv tells animated music to celebrate the anniversary of Cartoon Heroes, the collective that performs songs from Mazinga, Lady Oscar, Digimon, Ape Maia, Ken the Warrior and Adventure Time. The event will be attended by Raggi Fotonici, Vince Tempera, Douglas Meakin, Guiomar Serina, and will be hosted by Luca Bussoletti of Radio Rock/Nerd.

For all cosplay fans, a great meeting leading to the discovery of the greatest international cosplay competitions through the words of great Italian champions who have made Italian cosplay shine in the world: between passion, creativity and art, they will tell about Samuele Campobassi and Fabiano Valentino, Valentino Notari and Daisy Tirolo and Andrea Di Virgilio A video message by Oguri Tokumaru, founder of the World Cosplay Summit, will frame this colourful meeting; Sabrina Perucca will conduct.
Confirmed the space dedicated to cosplayers, realized in collaboration with Epicos: a gathering point, an interactive space with appointments, guests, meet&greet, photo sets and various services for all cosplayers.

The Cinema area of Romics will become “widespread” and will involve several pavilions with an imaginary “red carpet” made up of many films that will be released in cinemas in the coming weeks. From science fiction to “new cult” horror, from romantic comedies to action movies, the Romics area dedicated to in-depth analysis of the upcoming autumn-winter films will feature Halloween Kills, 47 Meters: Great White, I’m your man and a special focus on the recent Dune and the state of Oscar-winning animation. The fil rouge of all the events will be the “Great Returns”, Italian and international excellences of Hollywood cinema who, after having won the Romics d’Oro or the Romics Special in the last years, will come back to meet the audience in panels dedicated to new upcoming titles in which they have been involved, connecting from different parts of the world and from locations of great films. On the Romics stage there will be meetings dedicated to some of the current and upcoming titles, with experts, sneak previews and preview materials. In collaboration with Warner Bros. Entertainment Italia, to celebrate “The Return of Dune”, a special meeting will bring together George Hull (remotely connected), the film’s American concept artist, Italian publisher Sergio Fanucci and Art Director Tommaso Ragnisco (The Name of the Rose, The Tale of Tales). The meeting “Aspettando Halloween Kills” is organised with Universal Pictures International Italy, dedicated to the secrets of one of the longest-running horror franchises of all time, in collaboration with and the Orchestra italiana del Cinema di Roma. A curious cross between science fiction and sentimental comedy is instead the panel “True love is… artificial: I’m your man” dedicated to the sentimental comedy of the same name, in collaboration with Koch Media, in the presence of TED Speaker Nicoletta Iacobacci (remotely connected), international writer and expert in digital ethics, experts in advanced robotics and influencers. Special effects, visual effects and thrills will be the cocktail of the meeting “All the sharks of Cinema at… 47 Meters: Great White”, in collaboration with Adler Entertainment and with the participation of Hollywood production designer Marco Niro, remotely connected (Titanic, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Arrival) and Federico Bagnoli Rossi (CGA Cinecittà), to talk about great cinema shot “under the water”. Finally, “Corti che vincono tutto: Mila” (“Shorts that win everything: Mila”) is the Romics meeting dedicated to the great Italian animation in the world, celebrated through the short film by Cinzia Angelini, remotely connected, (Minions, Cattivissimo me 3, Kung Fu Panda) Mila, starring in all the main festivals of the sector in 2021, in the presence of the director, the production designer and the author of the soundtrack of the first project of independent “diffused art department” in the international scene.

Great fun for card game lovers: the most popular games of 2021 will be on show in Hall 9.

Dal Tenda presents: Bees: il Reame Segreto (Bees: the Secret Kingdom), a card game with wonderful illustrations designed for family play; creativity, deduction, bluffing and interaction in an abstract and dreamlike world with Dany;

Flick of Faith: Divine Challenges, a game of area control through dexterity rolls with easy-to-learn rules and mechanics that create pure fun.

Suicidium is a captivating, macabre and fun card game, whose goal is to end your own existence or push others to do so – for pretence, of course. The drawings were created by artist Marco Tonus and a team of comic book guest stars: Felinia, Miguel Angel Martin, Tuono Pettinato and Davide La Rosa. The crew of Al4oPiù, a channel that talks about the whole world of board games, explaining their rules and showing them in crazy gameplays, is waiting for its fans to challenge the brand new Flick of Faith: Sfide Divine by Awaken Realms and the macabre and funny Suicidium by Dal Tenda. Moreover, the author Leonardi “Nidio” Luci, author of The Zombies and The Zombies – L’inizio Della Fine published by Dracomaca, will meet and sign copies of his latest books. Game Trade presents two unmissable new titles: Dragon Ball Super Card Game, a card game with characters coming not only from Dragon Ball Super but also from many other Dragon Ball Series and Digimon Card Game a card game with characters coming from the very famous Japanese anime. At the stand it will be possible to try out the game for free and receive a free gift reserved for all fans of the series.

In Hall 8 digital entertainment, e-sports, games and fun await the public. With the aim of creating a container of innovative activities linked to the world of eSports, amateur gaming, Social Networks and collateral ecosystems linked to Gen. Z, four days of activities, events, special meetings and guests to involve the public again through moments of entertainment, sharing and fun with over 150 gaming stations available to visitors. The pavilion, representative of the Italian gaming and digital scenario, will feature illustrious players, including Mercedes-Benz Italia, which will let guests try out its new latest-generation driving simulator; AS Roma, which will let visitors try out its brand-new e-Football 2022 title; SMI, which with its hackathon will test programmers to develop a videogame in record time and offer a work contract to the winner. The stand of the Struttura di missione per la valorizzazione degli anniversari nazionali e della dimensione partecipativa delle nuove generazioni (Mission Structure for the Promotion of National Anniversaries and the Participatory Dimension of the New Generations) of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers will also be present and will award prizes to the young winners of the contest “Roma, Raccontala! 150 anni da Capitale” (Rome, Tell it! 150 years as a Capital), an invitation to imagine, narrate and reveal Rome, telling its history, heritage, culture and society, also by enhancing peripheral and little-known realities through contemporary languages and sensibilities. On stage, numerous presenters will take turns day by day interviewing special guests, influencers, youtubers, and personalities from the world of music and sport. Among the talents the content creator Mario de Lillo famous for his catchphrase “Arte Povera”, the Roman rapper “Gemello”, the gaming youtubers “Kekkobomba”, “Tuberanza” and “Marcy”, the famous tik toker “Faccestamagia”, the presenter Lele Sarallo and many others.

Romics awaits its public ready to give moments of amusement, sharing and fun, in all safety.

Romics is organized by Fiera Roma and ISI.Urb.

With the support of Regione Lazio, Fesr – European Regional Development Fund, Camera di Commercio Roma, Union Camere Lazio.

Under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture and the Centre for Books and Reading.

Partners: Scuola Romana dei Fumetti, Istituto Europeo di Design, Mkers, World Cosplay Summit, IOEA – International Otaku Expo Association, Heroes – International Film Festival, I Castelli Animati, Città dell’Animazione, Dal Tenda, Atac.

Media Partners: Stay Nerd, Anime Click,, MyMovies, Screenweek, Radio Globo.

They thank Casa del Cinema for hosting the press conference of the XXVII edition of Romics.



When: from Thursday 30 September to Sunday 3 October 2021 from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Where: Fiera di Roma, Via Portuense 1645, 00148 Rome (RM), North Entrance (every day) and East Entrance (Saturday and Sunday).

Organizers: Fiera Roma and ISI Urb

Entrance: In compliance with the Covid-19 security regulations, access to the event will be allowed only to visitors who have purchased a ticket in advance. Tickets can be purchased from or from authorised Vivaticket retailers. A Green Pass will be required at the entrance.



Mail:; Tel: +39 06.93956069


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