Geneva Motor Show 2020, the revenge of Alfa Romeo

The 2020 Geneva Motor Show will certainly remain in the history of the automobile … because for the first time an event of this kind will take place online. Just in these days, the number 90 edition of the most important event of the year in the world of four-wheelers should have been staged. Unfortunately, this did not take place due to the well-known coronavirus.

Fortunately, many car manufacturers have not lost heart and have kicked off the first digital show in history. An initiative that is good for everyone, because in addition to giving a signal of “normalcy” in this period when we only talk about contagions, it brings great news to the car market, also on the electrical front.

The undisputed star of this “digital show” is undoubtedly the Italian company Alfa Romeo.

The Italian house on the day dedicated to the presentations unveils its new biturbo V6 monster with 540 horsepower!

Alfa Giulia GTA, an even more extreme example of the already sporty Giulia quadrifoglio. GTA is the new acronym for Giulia which means: Gran Turismo Alleggerita. It was 15 years since this abbreviation was missing in the house of the biscione, and finally he finds himself on a version that really leaves you breathless just looking at it.

The Giulia model presented is available in two versions: the GTA and the GTAm (Gran Turismo Alleggerita modificata), both with a limited edition of 500 copies.

They also share the same enhanced engine as the quadrifoglio which now develops 540 horsepower and which, thanks to the widespread use of carbon fiber components and super light materials, has been able to lighten by as much as 100 kg.

All these attentions give the Giulia a truly exceptional weight-to-power ratio, the best in its category that allows it to shoot from 0 to 100 in just 3.6 seconds.

These crazy numbers are joined by other aesthetic features, such as the widened track of 50 mm for better road holding, and aerodynamic. In particular, active aerodynamics has been greatly improved thanks to the know-how that Alfa Romeo has acquired over the years from Formula 1 races.

One of the inevitable elements, which are more exciting on a super car like this are undoubtedly the two beautiful titanium exhausts placed in the center of the extractor and signed Akrapovic. These make the very powerful V6 biturbo scream up to the limiter, giving an exceptional tone.

In the GTAm version, Alfa has decided to create a real curb-eating monster. The car was in fact designed entirely for the track, but despite this it is approved for the road. The extreme extent of the car can immediately be seen at the rear where there is an important wing, but especially in the passenger compartment. The rear seats are completely missing inside, replaced by a roll-bar to give the car even more torsional stiffness. The Giulia is therefore two dry seats with 6-point belts, just like a race car.

A curiosity: on this new model Alfa has decided to give all the lucky owners of these 500 exemplary helmet and car suit in the special GTA livery.

Setting aside the car’s technical data and characteristics for a moment, I would like to reflect on the meaning of this car. It is undoubtedly an exclusive car, reserved for a few due to the limited production and the prohibitive price (although it has not yet been revealed, it is estimated to exceed 100 thousand euros). Well it is these characteristics that make the launch of such a model important at a time like the one that Alfa Romeo is going through today.

The Lombard house over the years has lost that sense of “exclusivity” and sportiness that distinguished it, increasingly trying to chase the new German car models.

There was therefore an absolute need to recall in the memory of everyone, whether passionate or not, the origin and history of an Italian brand that has made the history of world motor racing.

The biscione could not have chosen a better way to carry out this operation if not by creating a car that was worthy of being able to recall the historic acronym GTA. In fact, since 1965 Alfa has used this acronym as a synonym of pure speed, extreme sportiness and timeless elegance. All characteristics that have always made the cars produced by the Italian company unique and special which have contributed, and still contribute, to making every Italian proud of the “made in Italy” in the world.



Modello Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA
Engine V6 biturbo benzina 2,9 litri V6 biturbo benzina 2,9 litri
Horse-power 510 CV 540 CV
Engine torque 600 Nm n.d.
Acceleration 0-100 3,9″ 3,6″
Top speed 307 km/h n.d.
weight 1.680 1.520 kg
Price 86.500 euro n.d.

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