San Giovanni in Rome (St.John) the unnoticed cathedral of Rome

After having attended the events on the square for years, the feasts for May 1st and important funerals in the square of San Giovanni, I realized that I had never entered the Basilica miserable me!
For the Romans, the complex of the Basilica of San Giovanni is an entity that lives its own life known by tourists and lived by those who insist on it. It is an architectural complex of such dimensions that over the centuries it has been used as a theater for impressive events for the most varied reasons.
The statues that adorn the basilica are so large as to be visible from the eastern ring road, the market around is famous because there were the first used banquets since the 70s of the last century and the public events on the square have proved to be bench test for any political organization that wants to be considered national …
The tourist by my side only notes that everything is vast and huge like the two traffic lights that are used to cross the square and access the Basilica.
Despite the Roman walls, the holy staircase and the giant square, the Romans who think they are approaching the San Giovanni district are the only traffic that generates this vast architectural complex. (it takes 20 minutes to cross or circumnavigate everything) for the rest of the world on the city maps the neighborhood is home to the Cathedral of the City of Rome.
The Basilica of San Pietro seems small in comparison, an intimate space because the Holy Father could look out from the balcony at any moment while in San Giovanni even when arriving by carriage you would always have the feeling of being on a bicycle on the highway. In front of the cathedral of Rome you always feel minute, human mortal and deficient …
In the complex of the cathedral of the city of Rome there is the whole history of the Roman Church and liturgical architecture including the calm of the cloister where an olive tree grows in the songs of the oratory.
Marble tombs, altars, mosaics, crypts and frescoes fill the spaces that have remained intact since the last great event because the basilica also lends itself to serve as a setting only for events that are not really liturgical. Let yourself be carried by the tourist curiosity and enter San Giovanni in Laterano only in Rome there are such beautiful frames!

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