Sergio Cammariere – Photo by Luca Apicella

Friday the 26th, Sergio Cammariere presented, at the Casa del Jazz, the new album “The end of all the troubles”, the only concert in Rome. It is un unexpected switch towards pop and black music in the long career of the well-known songwriter and jazz musician.

Eleven tracks, that build a musical trip through different genres and quotations, follow the theme of love as a feeling you cannot resist, desperate and enjoyable, the only antidote to solitude.

In this tenth album love is red in all its musical declinations: Latin-American, Brasilian, blues and jazz. After “Piano” of 2017, an instrumental album, Cammariere comes back to songs, where he expresses his poetic through the simple and reflexive texts of Roberto Kunstler, his long date collaborator.

“Love is that mental state, the feeling that helps to forget and make you discover beauty.”
Sergio Cammariere

During the concert, in addition to the new songs, he played also his most beloved successes such as “Io sono“, “Per ricordarmi di te” and “Tempo perduto” when the audience sang together with the singer.

Special guest on the stage, Karima, who song some famous Italian and international jazz standard, accompanied at the piano by Cammariere. They also performed very nice duets for the audience pleasure.

A delicate, gentle and full of good feelings video clip, a cartoon by Cosimo Damiano Damato, accompanies this last album. In the cartoon Cammariere is a night taxi driver, who as in a dream meets great characters: Marilyn, the lovers Pier Paolo Pasolini and Maria Callas, Totò and Ninetto Davoli, Fellini and others more. A poetical view that finds in love and arts a hope for peace and beauty.

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