“Simposio 2015 Triumph of Taste” a funfair of delicious high quality food and wine

Simposio_2015_trionfo_del_gusto_Roma2015, 3 to 4 October held in Rome, at the Salone delle Fontane. Event organized by tasteFactory.

Breaths, tastings, you taste. Perfumes that join the voices of the many people who came to taste the products of high gastronomy: pasta, meats, jams and truffles, honey, ice cream and cheese, spirits, rice, seafood and baked goods. To to cheer the palate we have also thought about the many wineries in olive oil companies and with their oils of great value. A real turbines, where is sucked from the many flavors and fragrances of unrivaled charm to bring a quality product of our invaluable gastronomic heritage. Salty, sweet, firm, soft, liquid, solid, seasoned, raw, sensitive, strong, elegant, rough: a rollercoaster of taste.
Simposio_2015_selezione-_formaggi_Formaggio-italiano_cheese“Simposio 2015, Triumph of Taste”, the Roman event now in its fourth year, has become fundamental stage, a showcase for more than 150 niche companies from all over Italy. A glimpse celebrating enthusiastically reality culinary touches.
In the program of the event in addition to the tasting itself in the stands, there ‘the opportunity to attend seminars and insights. Also a corner dedicated to the Cooking Show, with two performances daily chef Danilo Compagnucci and Nicoletta De Rossi. them the task, aided by students of a hotel management school, to prepare the foods presented by companies in a number of small samples and to explain each step of the recipe. From an idea of Katia La Rosa, a journalist for years engaged in the exploitation of Italian, it will be presented “Luxury and Taste” task to promote new models of communication in an industry critical to the operation of small and medium-sized enterprises. “The aim of is to create a web platform media, that manages a network the excellence of Made in Italy disaggregated territorial level, thus exalting the customs and traditions of the Italian regions” – explains the creator of the project. Thanks to the network, the Italian style will be promoted in real time and in an accessible manner. The portal will also offer essential information services and guidance, capable of leading companies in the world of international promotion. Hence the creation of the first edition “Luxury and Taste Awards” in which a panel of experts and specialists will award the “quality” of the present companies that have distinguished themselves for excellence, communication & marketing and sustainability.
Today, the last day of this incredible event, if you are in Rome, impossible to miss. You can not miss the occasion where the culinary must is the quality.
Pecorini_Cau_SpadaI highly recommend you go to the stand Cau&Spada, a company of young, dedicated to the production of pecorino cheese, processed milk comes exclusively from unbleached company not neglecting the crops that are totally organically certified. So good to define: Illegal.
As a must try all the products of the salumificio Pedrazzoli as forbidden miss the vertical Parmigiano Reggiano Malandrone 1477, unforgettable 72 months. The sensational panettone of the pastry cook romano Attilio Servi .Azienda_Agricola_Conventino_Manteciccardo_Corniale_marche-bianco_IGT Also, the company must see “The Conventino” of Monteciccardo, interesting wines and oils that have taken a number of awards for many guide books.
Gorgonzola_Dolce_Castagna_formaggio-italiano_cheese Taste absolutely with your eyes closed the cheese gorgonzola sweet “Castagna”. Stopping to taste the the many expressions of Frascati, at the location of the consortium Frascati wine, but believe me, there is no post to “Simposio 2015” where I did not want to dwell on life. So do not waste time and go run away to love and understand how good we are in culinary excellence. You still have time.

Simposio 2015, Trionfo del Gusto

Salone delle Fontane
Via Ciro il Grande 10, 00144 Roma
Tel: +39 06 4549 7500

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