Rome Street Art District: Ostiense, Garbatella e Tor Marancia

ROMA_STREET-ART_MURALES_TOR-MARANCIAThe Ostiense District is an initiative that seeks to enhance and promote the Ostiense area as a contemporary space. The project aims to promote the area lying between the Piramide and San Paolo, with its adjacent points of interest that are not always part of the traditional tourist itinerary, with a map specifying the interesting stopping points. This includes advertising campaigns, new hard-copy and digital IT services and specific site installations, the first of which have been commissioned to artists Clemens Behr and Spy.
The event was supported by the Office for Culture, Creativity, Artistic Promotions and Tourism – Department of Culture of Rome Capital through the ‘Public Notice “Creative Rome“.


To download the map to these works:

The suburb of Tor Marancia has instead become colourful thanks to Big City Life, a public art project undertaken with a view to urban, cultural and social renewal, which ran from 8 January until 27 February. Twenty artists from different countries met up with the residents in the suburb’s housing project, and created twenty impressive mural paintings on the sides of eleven buildings in the area around number 63 Via di Tor Marancia. The event was organised by Francesca Mezzano and curated by Stefano S. Antonelli in conjunction with Gianluca Marziani for the 999Contemporary cultural association, with the support of the Office for Culture, Creativity, Artistic Promotions and Tourism – Department of Culture for Rome Capital, through a public notice “Creative Rome“, and by the Roma-Arte-Musei Foundation, under the auspices of Rome Capital Municipality Rome VIII. The event was implemented in conjunction with Ater di Roma Capitale and Atac. The website went on-line from 6 February 2015, affording viewers the opportunity to view only some of the works that are visible from the street. An on-site visit is needed to appreciate them all.

Online on the website, you can admire the works of follow via Tor Marancia.
Only some works can be seen walking on the street directly; To admire them all necessarily have to enter the area.


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