Sul più bello by Alice Filippi

The first thing about this film is “they put Amelie in the story of “The Fault in Our Stars”, but this teen’s drammedy is not only an easy copy, but is a good film with a good director (Alice Filippi) with an important curriculum, a good photograph that pits very well the Marta’s (Ludovica Francesconi) colorful world with the aristocratic one of Arturo (Giuseppe Maggio).
But the story is not so easy to undestand and the political correct is wiped, because the good people is not so good and bad people is not so bad….everyone is not perfect.
Does love overcame? Marta’s friends will be able to help her to defeat the beautifull Beatrice? you have an hour and half of a good film to know.

Sul più bello (On the most beautiful)
Director: Alice Filippi (first work)
Cast: Ludovica Francesconi, Giuseppe Maggio, Jozef Gjura,Gaja Masciale ed Eleonora Gaggero
Year of production: 2020
Duration: 87′.
Type: feature film
Genre: dramatic
Country: Italy
Production: Eagle Pictures; in collaboration with Weekend Films
Distributor: Eagle Pictures
Release date: 21/10/2020
Projection format: DCP, colour
Press Office: Eagle Pictures / Phosphorus
Foreign Sales: Voltage Pictures
Original title: On the Most Beautiful

Synopsis: Marta, as nice as she is ugly, has suffered from the birth of a rare genetic disease. Despite everything, Marta is the sunniest girl you have ever met. Overwhelming character is in a hurry to do everything and immediately. At 19 years old, like every girl of her age, she dreams of great love, but she is not one to be satisfied and before her illness degenerates she wants to hear “I love you” from a handsome boy… the most beautiful of all. Her friends and roommates Jacopo and Federica are her family and every time they do their best to dissuade her from aiming too high. Until at a party Marta sees Arturo handsome, confident and completely unreachable. In other words: the perfect prey. But as her faithful friends prepare to deal with yet another disappointment, she feels that this time things will go differently even though she will have to deal with Beatrice, a feared rival who will try to mess up her love plan.

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