The other side of the ink

The other side of the ink is the name of the first European convention dedicated exclusively to women. 150 artists from all over the world have performed in various types of tattoos including new styles such as watercolor or bright-colored watercolor tattoo. An innovative event considering that until a few years ago the art of tattooing was mainly the male sex.

From the French tatouage and from the English tattoo the tattoo is in fact a very ancient body painting practice. We find it in Egyptian civilization and in ancient Rome. Roman slaves were branded with the initials of their master and the thieves tattooed on their foreheads.

Several papal bulls prohibited the tattoo starting from Pope Adrian with the Council of Nicea of ​​787. Currently permanent tattoos from Jewish and Islamic religions are forbidden.

The tattoo fashion has spread in Europe especially since the ’70s with a significant increase in the 2000s.

At this unique convention that took place at the Sheraton hotel in Rome we were able to see famous artists like Jackie Jex with his Neo-traditional style, Elv Stefanie with its meticulously fine lines and high precision details, Irene Gipsy specializes in facial tattooing, Irene Vannucci with her hyper photographic realism, to name just a few. At the same time there were no shows of illusionism, Chinese art and burlesque.

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