A sparkling sense evening in Rome, the 5th Caput Mundi International Burlesque

A sparkling evening, in every sense, the 5th Caput Mundi International Burlesque, in agenda on 9 February to Rome Via Alibert events near Spain’s Square. A public finally “dress,” which has dusted off from the enclosure sequined dresses and gangster-style Pinstripe suits. A great desire to 20 years, in short, two years after the turn of the century.
Will be “the great depression” of this as of that time, to have convinced women to choose to wear strappy dresses in Charleston style, showing sadly in some cases unlikely tattoos off topic on arms and shoulders far diaphanous? The evening began with the band Crazy Stompin’Club that accompanied the meal with a nice live swing music played by great musicians of which it is joined, after a half hour, a Trio Lescano, but darker voice type, and with a reserve of water bottles (rigoro plastic surface) place at the height of the feet because, you never know, that the burning did not assail the singers while delight the audience from the stage. You want or not, musical entertainment has nicely covered the start time of the burlesque show, slipped by almost one hour behind the official communication posted on the Facebook event page.

The program, in addition to the exhibition of “international showcase” and other valuable exhibits of super guests Mosh and Medianoche, foresaw the election of the winner of the high priestess of Burlesque 2018 among five newcomers in the race: Imy Silly Noir Harley, Rubis, Mad Cat, Lulu Applecheek and Coco Le Moko.

Wonderful costumes on stage dressed, even for a few minutes-just long enough to end up on the ground in time to the music (it’s a striptease)-divine stars of the show.
Among the most appludite, a statuary and disturbing Mosh, considered the heir to the undisputed Queen of Neo Burlesque, Dita von Teese.

Also interesting are the performances, for those who love the genre, the boylesquer Eli El Sultan, from wise gesture and transgressive and Finnish duo acrobatic sexy Tangobatic, who held the audience in suspense until the last note of the music that accompanied his dance. Critics Prize awarded by the journalist Marco Pasqua and artist of Giorgia Botticelli to Italian Cocò Le Moko, initially dressed as Lady 800 with auto-feather erogenous zone in tow, who has evidently excited some estimator. The present, very vivid, amused by the performance of the artist on stage, attended throughout the evening with thunderous applause and exclamations of amazement, shouts and whistles of high popularity with every appearance of newcomers, one of which is It particularly distinguished itself in the art of seduction: the French Rubis Harley, who has won the Crown-Colosseum made by hand by the artist Jan Eneskey, winning the high priestess of Burlesque 2018.

Adjusted itself unfortunately some negative comment from the audience for dinner service we hope won’t happen again at the next round of 10 February that it will begin to Trinità de ‘ Monti at 20.15 to continue from 21.00 onwards in the location of Rome Events at via Alibert.

Osvaldo Sponzilli Photos

photos of 10 February 2018

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