When you are going to see a movie from your sixteen years, you always have some doubts, but when the movie  is Top Gun ( a myth of the 80’s….Everybody wanted to be a pilot, everybody want to wear rayban, everybody want to play beach volley, everybosy want to ride a motorbike and everybody want to kiss listening “take my breath away), you are not afraid uou are scared (peole remeber the “gosthbuster” withe the ladies).
The director Joseph Kosinski (who have to compare with Tony Scott) on a script by Ehren Kruger, Eric Warren Singer e Christopher McQuarrie, know this and they welcome you with a movie scene full of memories (also the song is the same).
Then the show must go on and with new tecnologies  they take you on a f-18 and let you fly and fight with Maverick.
Every scene has a reference to the first film, every character is a reference Rear (Ed Harris) as Stinger; Cyclone (Jon Hamm) as Jester, Rooster as his father, Goose; Hangman (Glen Powell) as a mix between Mav e Iceman ( you willi find him in the film), Penny (jennifer Connelly) is the new Charly.
And in all this  Tom Cruise is the king in a role that  is his private ownership, the king!
p.s. choose an high quality cinema ?l

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