“TOTO’ GENIUS” The prince of laughing’s exhibition at Santa Marinella

Started at Santa Marinella, on Saturday 22th July, with the grandoughter Elena Anticoli De Curtis, the second step of the  “Totò Genius”exhibition. 50 years after the Prince Antonio De Curtis’ death part of the national exhibition arrives on the Lazio cost, after the celebration of the illustrious artist during last months in Naples. The Prince of laughing is linked to Santa Marinella because of his stays among fifties and sixties, guest in one of the Lungomare Marconi Villas. The is the reason way The municipality together with the local Associations wanted to pay homage to the Naples’ genius, high expression of the Italian culture of the previous century.

The “Alessandro Capotosti” Library of the village by the sea hosts for all the summer, until September 17th, this significant event dedicated to one of the most popular artist of the Italian Movies’ History. The exhibition is promoted and organized by Antonio De Curtis in arte Totò Association, with the contribution of Lazio Region, Santa Marinella and Naples Municipality, Cultural and Touristic Department, Sanata Marinella Pro Loco, Santa Marinella Viva Assocition and Luce Cinecittà.


Dozens of documents and unpublished staff: letters, personal objects, interview and videos, photos and costumes of his movies, manifestos, posters and other things belonging to one of the most authoritative actors of the Italian movie world. The exhibition is edited by Vincenzo Mollica and Alessandro Nicosia, COR’s President (Creare Organizzare Realizzare).

“Totò is our Charlie Chaplin” Alessandro Nicosia

All the staff of the exhibition is original: Federico Fellini and Pier Paolo Pasolini’s drawing, never seen photos of his private life, original costumes of his most important movies and other thinks.
There are also some objects related to Santa Marinella, like some photos kindly provided by the Association Santa Marinella Viva by Carlo Fioretti, the director’s of photography’ son. Moreover, the well known “singing” fish protagonist of the movie “Fifa e Arena” by Alberto Catozzo, Leo Catozzo’ son, editor of the best director like Fellini and Rossellini.
Some witnesses show his human dimention during his holidays. These proves are also collected in the local history books and handed down through some alive witnesses:

“When I was young I used to live near the house of Totò and  the famous people he used to meet. I remember that every night he was elegantly dressed up, butterfly and trumpet ‘s hat on his head and went out walking with Franca Fantini. We were children always following him and looking for his autograph.”
Engineer Stella

What only a few people knows is that Santa Marinella, although young, had his own “dolce vita”. Famous Italian cultural exponents used to spend time here: D’Annunzio, Totò, Anna Fougez, D’Apporto, Nanni Loy, Sibilla Aleramo and well known people like the King Vittorio Emanuele III, Claretta Petacci, Guglielmo Marconi, and Cardinal Pacelli, before becoming Pope.

This meaningful artistic show, that will be repeated in other cities too, in Italy and abroad, will give passionate, simply curious or fond of the “genius” people – as an actor, poet and song’s aouthor – the chance to admire some relevant belongings, to discover part of his own private life, to come back in time through videos and documents that are the Italian movie’s history.


SANTA MARINELLA from 23 JULY until 17 SEPTEMBER , 2017

Municipal Library “Alessandro Capotosti”
Via Aurelia 310 – 00058 Santa Marinella (Roma)

Ticket: 4 euro
– from Monday to Friday – from 10.00 to 19.00
– Sutarday, Sunday and holidays no stop from 10.00 to 22.00
Entrance until half an hour before closing.


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