Trevignano Romano Photofest

This year, Trevignano Romano on the occasion of World Environment Day, which falls every year on June 5, will host the Trevignano Photo Challenge: Environment, Nature and Health, as part of a national event, doubly dedicated to photography and the environment, Trevignano Romano photofest 2023, a week of exhibitions, lectures and workshops from June 2 to 11.

Trevignano Romano is a small town and municipality in the Metropolitan City of Rome, Lazio, central Italy. With a population of about 5,000, it is located on the volcanic Lake Bracciano. It is about 47 kilometers from Rome. Wikipedia

Pollution of water, air and soil is generating deadly superbugs, as is well documented in United Nations Environment Program report, which shows that pollution is diluting the effectiveness of antibiotics, antivirals, antifungals and pesticides.

L’inquinamento da plastica sta annegando e avvelenando il pianeta, ed è proprio questo il focus della giornata mondiale dell’ambiente di quest’anno.

The photographic project aims to stimulate research through images of the complex protection of biodiversity and the symbiosis between the various kingdoms of nature and human beings. Harmony between the macrocosm in which we are immersed and the human and animal microcosm is a fundamental element in maintaining physical and mental health.

The animal, plant and mineral kingdoms have always provided humans with tools for healing, survival and well-being. Vis medicatrix naturae wrote the father of Medicine Hippocrates (the healing power of nature). Rediscovering the symbiosis with nature is the way out of the stresses of modern life and recharging one’s energy. Respect, care and sustainability of the environment are consequently essential for healthy living.

Il bando del concorso  ( The call for entries) is due by 2023 April 15. Amateurs and professionals can participate by following the guidelines on the call for entries. Selected photos will be displayed in an off circuit in the historic center and lakefront of Trevignano. There are cash prizes for the top three finishers and a souvenir plaque for all exhibitors.

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