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Rio MaggioreIt is now twenty years that I come here to Riomaggiore, gem of the 5 Terre. Many are the memories and the faces that have shaped my love, my passion for this village, this land, its alleyways, its wines, its inhabitants and its visitors.

The splendor of the walks that unfold through the Cinque Terre, the incredible beauty of the landscapes and the magic of the sea, every time give me moments of relaxation, inner listening and above all new acquaintances with the lucky people that come here, attracted by fabulous photographs and postcards of picturesque villages, adding to their travel experience this piece of paradise.
And ‘so that Americans, Canadians, Australians, Brazilians, Chinese, Japanese, Indians, come to explore these places rich in culture, history, poetry and natural magic, the encounter between the gifts of mother nature and the hand of man, of a population that has shaped them.

In addition to their luggage tourists are carrying their culture, their experience and their history. The potential for cultural exchange involved in the daily dynamics is very high. Each of the parties involved in this cultural and touristic game has a chance to share opinions and reach an improvement in both directions, learn and implement increasingly positive dynamics of exchange on the territory.

Alas, few are those who are open to the local population and equally few are those who interact with tourists curious about the places from which they come, from the stories of other latitudes and their way of thinking. But when this happens, in Riomaggiore, the magic of the meeting and cultural exchange hovers in the air and the new stories that are written are unique and bearers of new ideas and openings, this is what I strive to do always. This is just an introduction to the possible stories and travel dynamics that can happen here in 5 Terre.

Through people, stories, travels and experiences, I will update you about traveling encounters on the go, on the road, for travel lovers.


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