AD ARTE CalcataTeatroCineFestival, the 2th edition of the artistic kermesse in the medieval village in the north of Rome

CALCATA borgo medievale di artistiIn a small and charming historic village of Calcata it takes place from 8 to 12 July AD ARTE CalcataTeatroCineFestival, the exhibition of theater and film director and experimentation, independent.

festival Adarte TeatroCineFestivalA picture landscape to provide for all the realities independent of quality and give visibility to the area “ideally referring back to what has been done by all the artists who in recent decades have repopulated and reinvented the wonderful medieval village” town has always goal and refuge of artists and intellectuals. This second edition is made in the heart of the Valley of Treja, and is organized and carried out by the Associazione Cultural Dillinger, with the artistic direction of actor and director Igor Mattei and actress Marina Biondi, sponsored by the Lazio Region, the Municipality of Calcata and Treja Valley Regional Park Authority. In an extensive review program divided into theater and cinema with appointments of classic and contemporary drama, physical theater, art films, street theater, cinema complaint, civil theater and dance theater. There are two sections: Absolute I, for the film completely independent; Embryos that includes performances that make up a laboratory study, which will be born then real theater pieces. Also side events, workshops, and art exhibitions.

The Palazzo Baronale (Baron’s Palace) of Calcata exhibition “Paraskenia”, a collective of artists (Luca Valerio D’Amico, Eduardo Fiorito and Omar Sandrini), from space multipurpose Palace Velli in Trastevere (Rome), curated by Francesca Basso.

“Again Calcata,” explained Igor Mattei, “with its mysterious force and bursting as the nature that surrounds it, free and intolerant to standard as all shows and movies that will be housed within the programming of the festival, confirms an ‘extraordinary anomaly’. “A unique place,” he added, “where live diversity, artistic, social and anthropological, along with the permanent effort of searching for a workable elsewhere in the here and now.”

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