A dip in the color in the open air of Rome: “Tor Marancia district”

Rome-Street-Art_PHOTO-By-Sara-Kirby_highres_443596205We get to Tor Marancia, a popular reality of Rome, many typical red brick buildings of Rome before mid-twentieth century , a bit délabré , poorly understood, or taken into consideration before it arrived with ardor and passion the Art … and finally we dive in color open-air !

The first thing that strikes us is to notice through the palaces chromaticity unique … how wonderful to be achieved by feelings of pure natural beauty !

Among the looks … the truth of real life, a continuous dialogue with the city of Rome, also of criticism and consideration. The street culture help us to better understand the beauty that surrounds us and to re – born a new kind of realism, there is talk of a neighborhood that strengthens thanks to culture.

… And finally the contamination on the buildings there appear net, away from the usual institutional contexts, between images, painting , bright colors , words … art everywhere and for everyone.

Tormarancia want to convey a new awareness of the visual arts with a sense of respect for the places and people . Sharing a reality , a bit ‘ like other neighborhoods districts of Rome: Trullo or Ostiense … (to be admired too ! ) Places in Rome , in Italy , bringing together different artistic experiences universe giving ample space to the artists and spectators .

A broad description of naturalness and originality that creates now a value to the public of the neighborhood and those who live there. Because culture helps us understand the essentials and give us the wonder of beauty .

A person who lives there tells you and surprise me with a smile and he said: “it is amazing to open the window and see me every day a work in front of me … “

Indeed , the wonder contaminates us .

Here, you live on the terraces, we meet on the street or in the parks saw the luck of good weather of Rome.

Here, where there are many social differences but we try to share with all the same experiences…

Here, where we live with all the problems of the chaotic city that people love so much…

Tormarancia here, where now is born a new positive place of aggregation.

With these new works resurfaces and redeem parts of Rome often marginalized and finally free , away from narrow concepts of certain choices, with an aesthetic that intoxicates us, emotions are true color !

… I wonder if our city will be contaminated by public works that will positively color our soul ! We waiting …


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