A different light on ALTAROMA

In the exhibition space Herzel de Bach Via Propaganda, the road that connects Piazza di Spagna to the rest of the more commercial center of Rome that unfolds from the streets around Piazza San Silvestro, Nunzia Garoffolo has collected a series of sensory experiences and visual features of the Made in Italy.

Roma_moda_fashion_Altaroma_2015_biancoThis eclectic curator chose monochrome white to light some of the greatest expressions of Italian design. The blinding white does not destroy the many sensory experiences he is capable of this corner of ALTAROMA exalting the contrary all perceptions. There is a scent understood that surrounds guests “Narcotic” by Meo Fuscini, that romantic aroma blends wonderfully with the not color of the clothes among which a deconstructed dress by Balestra that all we wanted to wear. Jewelery clothes fragrances and liquorice all expertly blended to enhance the tailoring, the art and the design of which the eternal city can boast even just for a few hours.

This year ALTAROMA has had one of its most complicated representations: the weekend of fashion in fact has entered the election of the President of the Republic and the art seems to have been sacrificed to the reason of state if possible. . “White Light / White Heat Velvet Underground song rhythm to the steps of guests gathered in Via Propaganda, beats in white balloons up to shake the strap of wonderful sandal created by Herzel de Bach. My photos do not make the atmosphere that Nunzia Garoffolo has managed to create. I hope with my words to be having led into temptation so as to continue to follow her and his work through his blog. https://fashionbeyondfashion.wordpress.com/tag/nunziagaroffolo This woman surrounded by students young and promising knows almost mystical turn on a light on the Italian art now too often relegated to the mere business.

Authors List  , works and materials exhibited mixed

Renato Balestra www.renatobalestra.it

Fausto Sarli www.sarlicouture.com

Galitzine www.galitzine.it

Aquilano Rimondi www.aquilanorimondi.it

Arthur Arbesser www.arthurarbesser.com

Liborio Capizzi www.diliborio.it

Isabella Tonchi www.isabellatonchi.com

Giulia Marani www.giuliamarani.com

Fabio Salini www.fabiosalini.it

Sthepham Hamel www.stephanhamel.com

Bea Bongascia www.beabongascia.com

Mia D’arco www.miaddarco.com

Move Roma-Officine del cappello www.moveroma.it

Olga Pong www.olgaponghats.blogspot.it

Herzel De Bach www.marsell.it

Giulio Paolini www.fondazionepaoloni.it

Meo Fusciuni www.meofuscioni.com

Francesco Zaebano www.francescozarbano.it

Filippo Manni www.nutone.it

Lini 910 www.lini910.it


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