Winegrowers of Langa and Piedmont 2015

 Vignaioli_di_Langa_e_PiemonteSaturday November 14, 2015 with great enthusiasm, I participated in the event by Tiziana GalloVignaioli di Langa e Piemonte” at The Westin Excelsior Rome, an event that was waiting a while ‘. Want for the excellent wineries present, either because many of the winemakers who were at the tasting counters are longtime friends and I could not wait to hold them again and to taste the new grape harvests, and because I was curious to know new and to meet vigneron with whom we i had taken in the past few and sporadic messages on social.

Vignaioli_Enrico_Cauda_Cantina_FornaceOne of these, Cascina Fornace and eclectic Enrico Cauda. Present at this tasting with its 4 wines: Desaja 2014 a 100% Arneis, a wine that should have been called Roero Arneis DOCG, but having undergone a light maceration on the peels and acquired after this, a light golden color, the Committee on assignments DOCG considered a color not valid with respect to disciplinary, therefore will be Desaja white wine. Roero Arneis DOCG 2013 100% Arneis, Visca 2014 100% Nebbiolo. Roero DOCG 2012 100% Nebbiolo.

I cannot explain what binds me to a wine, certainly some leave a mark after the drink, others remember a special time in my life and time when they were tasted, others are still in the heart, not only because of the emotions that the drink offers, but also for the people who have built, developed and sweaty. So I will take the heart of the wine Cantina Fornace. Wines made with extreme knowledge, the hands of Henry show how much work and effort behind a wine and we should always remember. We should every time you drink a toast to those who also gave us the chance to do with that glass. Ps (Then he is so cool).

Vignaioli_Federico_Oberto_Società_agricola_TrediberriI meet the great man of the Società Agricola Trediberri , Federico Oberto, a man who looks at you, tell her world, made of hard work, his eyes perfectly represent his frankness and love for his land. Each time hug him, I greet him and drink his wines I feel at home. In tasting Langhe Sauvignon DOC 2014 Langhe Nebbiolo DOC 2014 Barolo DOCG 2011.


vini_Società_agricola_Trediberri_Vignaioli_di_langa_e_Piemonte_2015Vignaioli_Milena_Vajra_Vignaioli_di_Langa_e_Piemonte_2015Big sinking heart a review of women wine that I admire more, Milena Vajra. G.D.Vajra I estimate her for her smile, his kindness and his way of doing extremely kind, so that I remember how important it is to love what you do. Woman charm imposing, charismatic that few people I recognize. A woman who would hold under attack charmed by his talk, entire platee and do not ever get tired of listening to what he has to tell his “Stratospheric wines” award-winning.

Vini_Arpepe_vignaioli_di_Langa_e_Piemonte_2015At the event they were also present jewelry of other regions that have in common the production of wines made with Nebbiolo as ARPEPE. Wines that never disappoints. One word: excellent.

Rocco_di_Carpineto_vignaioli di Langa_e_Piemonte_2015My new.
Rocco Carpeneto cellar that convinced me in full, and that is one of the finest examples of the new wave of wines upper Monferrato Ovadese.

With its Rataraura 2013 Barbera Monferrato Superiore DOCG, I can say I was enchanted.


vini_di_Rocco_CarpinetoWorth mentioning Bramaterra DOC 2011 Antoniotti company. Mattia_Antoniotti_Vignaioli_di_Langa_e_Piemonte_2015Young boy, smiling and cheerful Mattia Antoniotti that along with Odilio manage this winery. Small notes on this DOC: Bramaterra is a small DOC which includes seven communes: : Brusnengo, Curino, Masserano, Sostegno e Villa del Bosco nel Biellese, Lozzolo e Roasio nel Vercellese. Very few winemakers who still produce it, it was called “Wine of the Canonici” as it was ideal the curia Vercelli . The company Antoniotti cultivates five hectares of Span (Nebbiolo), Croatina, and Uva Rara Vespolina (Bonarda Novarese).

Bramaterra_DOC_2011_Azienda_AntoniottiVignaioli_Ivan_Dogliotti_della_Dogliotti_1870_vignaioli_di LangaAnother interesting taste Moscato d’Asti DOCG ERIK, a company Dogliotti 1870.

Muscat different, unusual, so that you can drink with dishes such as a cheese or a light main course, yesterday I would have combined with a tartare of cod .

I do not hide that I was also fascinated by their Vermouth.

It was a great day, full of interesting tastings, of novelty, of friends. One of those that deserve tastings attended by fans, journalists and people in the field.

Events where you have the opportunity to drink wines that have a thickness in the national and international oenological world. Then the discoveries of new companies with great wines makes you even more appreciate this appointment. Excellent organization. Hunger we thought that DOL with cheese and salami gave guests the opportunity to combine in a smart and fast goblets that order to savor with food of great value.
See you next year. Can not miss.
In the meantime, drink well.

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