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tappo_Charling_vino_spumante_millesimato_2014_brutLately, for about two months, I’m trying to respect my life to the sound of pen. On a diary I began to write small things, a few lines of talent and happiness. I wrote a little ‘me. Today I focused reading it on a question that I had written in black pen, stressed several times: “What do you really need?”

I need to be hugged and my nose in the neck of those who love. I do not feel fear at the thought of embracing strangers, it is a beautiful thing, but recognize the scent on the neck of someone you love is like running a marathon, climbing a carousel, eat cotton candy and watch a sunset by the sea in the summer, drink a glass of cold water when it’s hot and you thirsty.

I need to laugh out loud, that to laugh that starts from the belly to the brain and floods you. Because a smile is definitely not the same thing, it is often circumstantial. I want to laugh with eyes, with face, with hearts and soul, and not only with mouth.

I need someone that I cook good things that surprised me and tell me: “Sit down, I’ll take care of you”, because if it is true that I have always thought that taking care of a person takes place through food, I want to try it myself to be loved as well.

I want to be caressed and kissed endlessly with the same passion. Because there are places where things should be, one of these: the hands of a man on a woman’s back.

I want to open a bottle, even if only for a glass, because there ‘s always something to drink and something rather forgettable.

I need to travel and is the part of my life that currently lacks as the air we breath. I do not ask you to go around the world, but always ready to have the idea of travel, the suitcase ready for change. There are places that I feel that I have to go visit, leaving to go to breathe the scents, to know people and fall in love madly in those places.

I need to be listened to and speak to be heard with attention and not with this distraction. Because then nothing better.

I need to change my mind in the persons. To have trust in others, thinking that you are not by scrubbing, and even to be surprised to the contrary. I wish it was all clear and clean as I have ever been. So I would be believed without reassuring, because I think there is no need.

I need to be scolding because I am a crazy impulsive and I have to be put in line.
I need to make love and sex that, once and for all, are two different things.
I need to be made safe, to be told that everything will be fine.
I need a dog. And I have a thousand reasons to want it, and renounce from too much.

I need the film, music and news. I need to be alone, to feel abandoned knowing perfectly well not to be even a moment. I need not have to respond to messages and even emails because it is never a matter of “life or death” and you can expect all because I have learned to expect. I need to work in the correctness of correctness in life.

I need snow. So much snow and the noise that only calms me. I need a massage, a fireplace access, walks, forests, refuges, rain.

I need to cry like a baby, I need a beach house for the winter, because I found that my creativity with my surroundings and proportional to its beauty. Do I need a beginning that will have an end or an end that will be a new beginning. I need to save, through love.

I stopped making wine tastings and food, because in the past I had not realized that not go there caused me more pleasure, I was anesthetized from the people, always the same and most of the people with whom I would not have even shared a sock laundry, ifIt never was the last and now I need to emotions and so I decided to ponder them, choose them and waiting with great enthusiasm. I need beauty brighten my turbulent life, to make me make peace with a world that I do not like. After all, think about it are things that we all want.

You should write, what you need. With write them, you realize that, things take shape more than the mere thought.

Beauty dedicate this wine:

Charling_vino_spumante_millesimato_2014_brutCharling Millesimato 2014 Brut Sparkling Wine.
70% Chardonnay, 30% Riesling.

Thus began the story of the project “BOLLLICINE” (with 3 L!) a new brand created to bring together the excellence of many small wineries from different regions of Italy and make them known and appreciated.

Straw yellow with green hues, an embrace of colors made more intense by the fine perlage that find yourself dancing in the glass. A promise that is not disillusioned, freshness find her in all its verticality, almost pungent. The nose peppermint, orange, tangerine peel, apple Grenny Smith, and a touch of herbs and light mineral almost shy, peeps. On the palate the promises made previously are kept, intelligent wine, minerality and flavor blend marvelously with the softness and roundness. Perfect marriage of drinkability. A smart and intriguing taste that encourages the drink… I recommend it.

Music combined with the glass:
Lost Frequencies feat. Janieck Devy – Reality

Food matched the glass: Spaghettone Benedetto Cavalieri dressed in cream Bleu d’Aoste with crispy bacon and pomegranate reduction. Many smiles, life is beautiful.

Tel: +39 0413694620

2 comments to “I need…”
  1. Buongiorno gentile Elisabetta,
    vorrei comprare un paio di bottiglie di spumante Charling in occasione degli 80 anni di mio suocero.
    Mi potrebbe gentilmente indicare un’enoteca a Roma che tiene il Charling (bolllicine)?
    Giovanni Cimatti

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