And then it happens that in the center of the capital there is another place, a small articulated labyrinthine British club that hosts the most extravagant human miracles. From the Italian football jersey of the 1920s, to the snowshoes of the beginning of the century, passing by a pre-war biplane propeller, the two owners Fabrizio and Graziano have set up a local museum where the cheesterfield sofas are the seats and embalmed animals, trophies of ancestral hunting expeditions of the early 1900s, are displayed on the walls. The atmosphere is magical! Wherever you turn, amazement reigns supreme and so from a secret passage it may happen that someone comes out. Alligators, cobras, jaguars, busts, prints, photos of Primo Carnera, ancient topographies, everything in this temple of elegance brings back to the time that was… in certain high-ranking circles. If the eye gets intoxicated, the palate is no less. Ancient and obsolete spirits, together with refined whiskey and exclusive cocktails on the menu make this place unique in all and for all senses.
Not to be missed ??????
The club also houses a tattoo artist’s studio with two workshops and a studio..

Visionlapse by Enrico Tubertini#visionlapse #timelapset #wisdomlessclub #myvision

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