word-press-photo-2016_roma_10-tempesta-sulla-spiaggia-di-sidney_photo-by_matjaz-krivicThe exhibition of the winning photographs of the Word Press Photo 2016 is held annually worldwide in 100 cities and 45 countries, with an audience of around 4 million people.

One hundred and fifty reporters from around the world have exposed this year their best photos into a single festival.

The World Press Photo award is one of the most important awards for photojournalism. Every year, from 59 years, an independent jury of international experts, is called upon to express themselves on thousands of requests to participate must be sent to the Amsterdam Foundation for photojournalists from around the world.

word-press-2016_barcellona_visitatoriWe visited  the Word press in Barcelona, Spain. Upon entering you are immediately affected by strong images, full of emotions which bring in a world often very hard that is completely unknown to most. The realities of the wars in the world, refugees, thousands of suffering there is not transmitted from the daily press so strongly and touching as it happens here within the walls of the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona. Each photo invests with its emotional energy the visitor, who can not help but be dragged from one image to another in suspense.

The photos are divided by categories:

     Contemporary issues
     Daily life
     News in general
     Long-term projects
     Spot news

We publish some of the most touching like this Warren Richardson, winner with “Hope for a new life” . A man passes a newborn under the barbed wire, which closes the border between Serbia and Hungary. All the drama of the refugees caught by the photographer in this shot.word-press-photo-2016_roma_1-speranza-di-una-nuova-vita_photo-by_warren-richardson_winner Matic Zormac, Slovenia first prize for individual fografie with “People” refugee children, covered with plastic to shelter from the rain while waiting to be filed on their entry in Serbia.word-press-photo-2016_photo-by_matic-zorman
The first prize of graphic reportage went to Sergey Ponomarev with various photos including those representing a group of refugees in 2015 crossing the sea to reach the island of Lesbosword-press-photo-2016_rifugiati-approdano-a-lesbo_photo-by_sergey-ponomarevAbd Doumany, Agence France Press, second photographic reportage prize with three photos

Bulent Kilic Spot new 3rd prize for stories. Agence France Presse Turkey. The June 14, 2015 some refugees crossing the border Turkish taking advantage of a break in the wire mesh or stepping over the boundaryword-press-photo-2016_roma_7-frontiera-turca word-press-photo-2016_roma_8-frontiera-turca Zhoreh Saberi Mehr News Ageny Iran – 3rd prize individual photography. A blind girl from birth sits every day beside a window to appreciate the warmth of the sun, Heijle live in a country at the top of the northern IRAword-press-photo-2016_roma_9-ragazza-ciecaRohan Kelly Australia The Daily Telegraph first prize individual photograph with the photo: Nature. A huge storm approaching the beaches of Sydneyword-press-photo-2016_roma_10-tempesta-sulla-spiaggia-di-sidney_photo-by_matjaz-krivic

Results of the 59th edition of the World Press Photo just have been revealed on February 18th 2016. This year pictures show the question of migrants, terrorism, the situation in Syria or the force of the Nature. Breathtaking photographs that come back on the highlights.


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  1. Grazie Osvaldo per dare a conoscere attraverso quest’articolo , la bellissima esposizione fotogiornalistica di questo 2016. Purtroppo la gente si è abituata a “vedere” queste atrocità nel telegiornale televisivo, mangiando a tavola tranquillamente. Chissà sia ora di spegnere la televisione in modo che quando per un attimo si riaccende, queste atrocità possano ancora turbarci indignarci farci male, farci ribellare . Se non siamo di certo noi colpevoli ,lo siamo? , di tutto questo. ..almeno manteniamo la dignità di non farci ammaestrare e non abituarci di fronte alle atrocità delle guerre e del potere di chi comanda. Vedere per Capire è il nome della mostra di quest’anno. Mi piacerebbe credere che sia vero e che siamo ancora in grado di vedere.
    Ti abbraccio

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