LOCANDINA-FANTAFESTIVAL-2015_RomaThis year the Fantafestival, the international exhibition of science fiction and fantasy films taking place in Rome these days (CINEMA BARBERINI – 22/29 June 2015 and then CINEMA TREVI – 7/10 September), invites its loyal to take part in the Zombie Walk.
Wednesday, June 24, 2015 the zombies of Fantafestival march from Villa Borghese to Piazza Barberini to besiege the Cinema multiplex Barberini, where the festival is taking place, and win, with the best makeup from the living dead, the prizes provided by the sponsor CG Home Video.
The appointment for Zombie Walk is at 18:00 at the Casa del Cinema in Villa Borghese at the address: Largo Marcello Mastroianni, 1, 00197 Rome, Italy.{google_map}Largo Marcello Mastroianni, 1, 00197 Roma, Italy{google_map}Largo Marcello Mastroianni, 1, 00197 Roma, Italy{/google_map}

Anger of the Dead  (2015) di Francesco Picone
Anger of the Dead (2015) di Francesco Picone

 The films there will be a program, that lovers of the undead can not lose, Anger of the Dead by Francesco Picone and projections , the world premiere of Zombie Massacre 2 by Marco Ristori and Luca Boni, and the episodes zombie movie  E.N.D. by Luca Alessandro, Allegra Bernardoni, Domiziano Cristopharo e Federico Greco.

 Zombie Massacre 2: Reich of the Dead (2015)  di Marco Ristori e Luca Boni
Zombie Massacre 2: Reich of the Dead (2015) di Marco Ristori e Luca Boni

Many titles premiered at the festival, and also many awards: the Golden Bats ( for Best Short Italian Film, Best Short Stranger Film ,  for Best Italian Feature and Best Foreign Feature Film), and the Prize “Mario Bava”, dedicated to memory of the film master of thrills and assigned to the Best First among the Italian films selected.


We remember the best program of films in competition during the  zombies day:

Wednesday  june 24, 2015 at Cinema Barberini


16:30 Anger of the Dead (Italia – UK, 2014) 1h24’ [eng sott ita] alla presenza del regista Francesco Picone e degli attori David White, Aaron Stielstra, David White, Claudio Camilli e Désirée Giorgetti

18:00 Z-DAY Zombie Walk: appuntamento alla Casa del Cinema a Villa Borghese

18:30 [ANTEPRIMA] The Quiet Hour (Irlanda, 2014) 1h25’ [eng sott ita]

20:30 [ANTEPRIMA] E.N.D. (Italia, 2015) 1h21’’ [ita sott eng] alla presenza dei registi Federico Greco, Luca Alessandro e Allegra Bernardoni, degli attori Regina Orioli, Antonio Bilo Canella, Francesco Sannicandro, Aurora Kostova, Wayne

Abbruscato, Alessio Cherubini, Francesca Antonucci, Patrizio Cigliano e Marco Di Stefano e del produttore Roberto Papi

22:30 [ANTEPRIMA] Zombie Massacre 2: Reich of the Dead (Italia – Canada, 2015) [ita] alla presenza del regista Luca Boni, dell’attore David White e dell’effettista David Bracci


16:00 [ANTEPRIMA] Subject Zero: Shattered Memories (Italia, 2015) [eng sub ita]

alla presenza del regista Tiziano Cella, dell’attore David White e del produttore Domenico Barilari

20:00 Fantacorti (totale: 107’)

The Stomach (UK, 2014) 15’ [eng sub ita]

Luna (USA, 2013) 12’ [eng sub ita]

Hastas las entrañas (Argentina, 2014) 25’ [spagnolo sub ita]

Willa (Germania, 2015) 15’ [tedesco sub ita]

Edict (Canada, 2015) 14’ [eng sub ita]

Sorarya: On Fire (Spagna, 2013) 14’ [spagnolo sub ita]

La cuerda (Spagna, 2011) 12’ [spagnolo sub ita]

22:00 [ANTEPRIMA] Awaken (USA, 2015) 1h32’ [eng sub ita]

Of note in the competition also Subject 0: Shattered Memories Titian cell, the post-apocalyptic English The Quiet Hour by Stéphanie Joalland, Spanish The Second Reign of Night of Antoni Solé, where the translation of a scroll could revolutionize the concept of life after death, and the American Awaken Mark Atkins, manhunt set in a mysterious island.

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