Ritorno al presente, il cortometraggio commedia sul mondo social è al primo ciak

The first take on 6 October 2021, filming has begun on Ritorno al presente by Max Nardari produced by his production company Reset Production. The cast includes Daniela Poggi, Attilio Fontana and Clizia Fornasier protagonists of a short film made with the Veneto Regional Fund “POR FESR – 3.3.2 2020” (2014-2021). (2014-2021) and filmed in the splendid setting of Vittorio Veneto. Originally from Padua, he lived in Treviso for many years and has now moved to Rome. Max Nardari returns to his homeland to make a short film – in the triple role of author, director and producer – that ironically tackles the drama of incommunicability in our times.

“We wanted,” he explains, “to emphasise that although social and new technologies represent the challenge of the future, they risk being harmful if not managed properly, both by adults and young people.” In a comparison between past and present, the authors, thanks also to the professionalism and irony of the three protagonists Daniela Poggi, Attilio Fontana and Clizia Fornasier, invite us to reflect on issues such as privacy and addiction to social networks that are increasingly leading to depressive and compulsive symptoms.
Max Nardari and co-author Fausto Petronzio have always paid particular attention to social issues such as homophobia, racism (the film Diversamente), female solidarity, intercultural dialogue, family breakdown (the film La mia famiglia a soqquadro) and adoption (the short film Uno di noi), always tackling them with the fresh and immediate language of comedy. Their works have always had great visibility, winning numerous national and international festivals, and have been distributed by Rai Cinema for the style and cinematographic language proposed, with particular reference to innovativeness. The film La mia famiglia a soqquadro, among other things, was premiered on Rai 1 in prime time on 7 September 2021 obtaining almost two million ratings. Max Nardari’s latest film Diversamente, released in May 2021, can be seen exclusively on the Chili platform.

Synopsis of Back to the Present
Palmira, a young actress who was very famous in the 1980s, has an accident and falls into a coma. When she wakes up, she finds herself catapulted into the year 2020. At a soirée organised by her agent Thomas to celebrate her return to life, Palmira realises that so much has changed in 30 years. Thomas explains that the invention of mobile phones and the advent of social networks have changed the way we communicate and introduces her to Katiusha, a young influencer who will help her promote her image on the web. Palmira, having no other choice, puts her trust in Katiusha’s hands and begins to discover the world of social networking. How will Palmira live in this new virtual reality?

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