Roman-empire_movie_Spartacus_1960_Tony-Curtis_Laurence-OlivierRome is a controversial city for gay and lesbian. The current Italian mentality is part of “macho” and has a strong Catholic imprinting. We know that the ancient pre-Christian civilizations, especially those of ancient Greece and ancient Rome, there was a real difference sexual individuality or gender. The difference between individuals exist only on the basis of the role played within the partners. In fact, the laws governing the amorous relationships were not based on the gender of the person, but in base on the role that the person covered. Baths_at_Caracalla_RomeThe active role was associated with virility and masculinity, while the passive role was generally regarded as degrading and typical of femininity, then the act that could be dominant or submissive.
We have to think that the ancient Romans did not know the dichotomy of the modern concept of exclusive homosexuality and heterosexuality, just gender identification took place mostly on the basis of the role played during the intimate relationship, such as active and passive sexual act. To confirm this, just think that in the Latin language lacks words like heterosexual or homosexual than someone who tries Attraction only against people of their own sex.

The homosexual practice in Rome, driven by the winning mentality, established himself early as a relationship of domination, such as the citizen above the slave, all confirming the strong masculinity masculine man Roman; slavery in ancient Rome even contemplated a sexual subjection against those in power.Antica-roma-sesso-a-tre-tra-gli scavi-di-PompeiThe Roman ideal of masculinity then results in taking an active role, which got raised to value and constituted “the first directive of male sexual behavior for the Romans.”
From these historical background combined with the more modern history of Catholicism make sexual identity is something on which the citizens of Rome a value that has yet to mature.Baths_at_Caracalla_Rome
Rome is a city so full of sexual contradictions.

In Rome’s street and museums we can see the ancient roman art, admiring the sculptures of gorgeous men mostly realized by gay artists of the ancient roman empire. Is Rome, the capital of Italy, a big and free and democratic country?
Don’t expect too much from all that regarding the gay and lesbian scene in town. Be it for reasons of italian mentality or because the religion’s power reaches also outside the walls of Vatican City, Rome has by far not the open and colourful gay life as other capitals in Europe. All for lgbt in rome is a little bit hidden and not so easy to find on the sunlight.

The situation started to change in the last years with a new generation of more open and self-confident gay and lesbian people, for exemple the the annual Festival, Gay Village, is now a famous open-air summer festival, as EuroPride Roma and other events show.

It must be said that the Roman citizens are very open-mind people, and hardly tinged with racism, but the millennial religious culture has harnessed for many centuries the free sexual relationships, so at the same time the Romans sometimes appear homophobic behaviors, especially when they are in groups, but more often appear curious and manage to lighten their own issues of homophobia or religious with a bit of irony.

Over the last few years the situation has begun to change, thanks to the new generation of men and women, gays and lesbians, who have brought a new air to the Eternal City, the caput mundi par excellence. More open-minded and self-confident people came out more and more in the light of the sun, and annual festivals such as the Gay Village are now the very popular meeting places and appreciated in outdoors summer evening , there you can meet people of all ages and every sexual preferences.
Rome city, from 2011, has become one of the capitals where the Europride was held, organized by historical Mario Mieli Homosexual Cultural Circle (, since 1994 the Roma Pride ( parades through the streets of capital and is fighting for LGBT rights. The Roman citizens have often proven to be the inhabitants of an ancient city and evolved in which you can live with a much more open-minded about what the Italians themselves thought they had.

Below the photos of Roma Pride 2016 edition took place on June 11 and had as godmother actress Asia Argento.

The Roma Pride gives voice and body to the peaceful struggle for the conquest of full equality and recognition of the freedom to live, to choose, to love without ideological interference, moralistic or religious, launching its rescue signal and emancipation in Rome to the country … (From Policy Document: June 11, 2016 “Chi non si accontenta lotta – Who is not satisfied with the fight!”)

The Europride is an event dedicated to the celebration of the International LGBT Pride Day, which is held annually, each time in a different European city. Since its founding in 2002 to 2013 the event was hosted by sixteen cities, thirteen distinct nations. London has hosted three times, Rome and Stockholm two. (From Wikipedia)

Rome_lesbian_bacio-saffico_colosseoThere are no particular gay areas in Rome, a popular hotspot of the gay and lesbian community in the late evening and at night is the street in front of the two cafe-bars Coming Out and My Bar, Via di San Giovanni in Laterano, which is sometimes called Rome’s Gay Street. Especially in warm summer nights, the street can be packed with hundreds of people.

rainbow-gay-colosseo_RomeGay Street of Rome
The first 300 mt of the street Via San Giovanni in Laterano, since 2001 is known as a meeting place for gay and lesbian people in the capital. It’s a very popular tourist spot overlooking the majestic presence of the Coliseum a few meters and is characterized by the presence of gay and  Gay Friendly little stores. For some years this road is an important meeting point for the LGBT community in Rome.

The birth of the gay street in Rome. The area of the Colosseum and the neighboring Colle Oppio, was a gathering place for homosexuals since 1960 (as evidenced by the film Splendori e miserie -Splendors and miseries -of Madame Royale, Vittorio Caprioli, with Ugo Tognazzi), together with the not distant Monte Caprino. At the end of the nineties, the closing night of Monte Caprino and Colle Oppio both of which occurred in 1998, determined the move of many gay people in those places were used to gather. The new meeting point became so via Pietro Verri, just off the Via Labicana not far from the Colosseum, where in the meantime had been opened two gay clubs: the Bar and the Side Events. The small street was the first gay Roman street, complete with a semi-official opening in 2001, protests by residents and political intimidation. For ostracism encountered and inability to grasp the opportunity, via Verri however suffered a rapid decline. In 2001, three lesbians girls opened a bar, The Coming Out, at the beginning of the street Via San Giovanni in Laterano, where they quickly moved the LGBT community that already frequented Via Pietro Verri. The bar became a meeting place for the LGBT community in the capital; over time, many of the other rooms of the road, such as restaurants and bars, became gay or gay-friendly, placing itself in the initial section, between Piazza del Colosseo and Via Ostilia (about 300 meters).
The Gay Street was officially inaugurated in the presence of representatives of the LGBT community, on March 2, 2007. The area was partially pedestrianized, during the night from Thursday to Sunday, from 27 July to 16 September of the same year. On the occasion of this pedestrian street it was again inaugurated on August 2 with the support of Fabrizio Marrazzo, spokesman for Gay Center, with Arcigay Rome, Rome Arcilesbica and godfather Alessandro Cecchi Paone. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Cards for the Club
There are provate clubs and associations in Rome, like everywhere in Italy, a membership card is required for all gay cruise bars and saunas, usually the Anddos card.
In Rome, it is also necessary to have to fill a card for some of the gay parties. If you don’t have an Anddos card yet, is not a problem usually you can buy it at the entrance of the venies that require it. The cost is € 15 (or € 8 for a single club, bar or sauna) and is valid for one year.
It should be noted, at the expense of privacy, that when you buy the card you need to show your ID card with photo.

The best known organization in Italy arcigay.-logojpgis Arcigay, a non-profit organization founded in 1985 that operates throughout the national territory through the local committees, clubs and affiliated associations.

The purpose of Arcigay is the realization of equality between individuals irrespective of sexual orientation and gender identity. It is organized through a national headquarters, which coordinates the activities of information, prevention, and protection of the rights of the LGBT community (lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans)
The mission is to promote and protect the right to equality between every person be it gay, bisexual, lesbian, transsexual or heterosexual; affirm the principles and relations of solidarity; fight against all forms of violence and discrimination of human rights, civil and citizenship of gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans. Promote the visibility and full participation in social and civic life of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans.
The association is independent from any government, political ideology, economic interest or religion and is funded primarily by the shareholders or by private or public donations.


Rome Gay Guide

[put_wpgm id=1]

Bars & Pubs

Coming Out

Rome_coming-out_gay-bar_streetOne of the few GLBT, or HBTQ places in Rome. They offer a very good service and a great atmosphere. The superb location overlooking the Colosseum.


Beige Roma

Bar-Pub-Gay-LGBT_Beige_RomeGay-friendly. Cocktail lounge bar & cocktail in Trastevere district of Rome.
Some Fridays and Saturdays from 19:00 till 22:00 aperitivo with Mediterranean buffet. Occasionally  DJ live.


Company Roma

bars-Company-Rome_GayGay Club pub, Cocktails/Beers, Play Room.  “Bear’s den” very close to the central train station Roma Termini.
Basement bar, music, smoking room and darkroom.
Membership card required , can be acquired at the entrance to pay a membership fee.



Bar-Pub_Gay_garbo-RomeGay friendly, crusing in Roma Trastevere dstirict. Hidden on a little street, this bar issSmall but cozy, decorated beautifully! Cocktails and nice and friendly staff. Chic atmosphere but at the same time easy! Open late! Best Thursday–Saturday after midnight!


 My Bar

my-bar_RomeOn the “gay Street in Rome” this Bar is in front to the Colosseum, have a popular street terrace.
Bar, Cafe and restaurant with mostly tourists during the day, bar with a rather gay clientele in the evening and at night.

SKYLINE_club_bar_Gay_RomeClub Gay with 2 Bars and a video bar. Dark room for a cruisy atmosphere.


The Random

Popular bar and pizzeria has food, music, cocktails and more.Fun atmosphere with a mixed crowd. Tuesday is karaoke night. Open from 8pm for food, and drink party starts at about 11pm until late.


Freni e Frizioni

Freni-e-Frizioni_Bar-Pub_RomeGay and Vegetarian Friendly. Cocktail lounge/café bar with a laid-back vibe that enjoys a mixed crowd.
Located in the heart of Trastevere district. Buffet from 7pm-10pm offers seasonal dishes, pastas, pizzas, salads and more.
Outdoor patio seating available.


Clubs & Parties

Upcoming Irregular Parties

gay-village_logo_rainbowGay Village 2016 @ Parco del Ninfeo
1 June – 3 September 2016, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 19:00 – 04:00
EUR, Via delle Tre Fontane / Viale dell’AgricolturaAnnual open-air summer festival for gays, lesbians and friends with music, performances, movies, sports, theatre and parties.
Admission: 10–25 €, incl. 1 drink
Facebook page


COX_RomaCox Party @ Qube
Saturday, 17 September 2016 Via di Portonaccio 212

Men-only party.
Private party – enlist in advance!
Facebook page

Regular Parties and Clubs

Queer culture party: electronic music, concerts, exhibitions, video visuals etc.
Mixed clientele.
Once to twice a month – check the Amigdala website for the next dates and venues.

Bear Monday @ L’Alibi (Terrace)
Monday from 22:00/23:30 (June–September)
Via di Monte Testaccio 40/44
Metro: Piramide; Tram, Bus, Night bus: Piazzale Ostiense
Weekly night for bears & friends.
Admission: free
+39 347-2445810 (mobile)

Bearsinvasion – Summer Edition @ Qube Garden
Saturday 23:30 – 04:00 (from July)
Via di Portonaccio 212
Weekly Pop and House party for bears and friends.
Indoor and outdoor.
Admission: free

G I Am @ Planet Roma
Saturday 24:00 – 05:00 (mid-October – May)
Via del Commercio 36
Metro: Piramide
Large gay and lesbian party on 3 dancefloors: Commercial, Remixes, R’n’B, NuDisco, House. (Plus one separate room for women only.)
Biggest regular gay Saturday night in Rome. Sometimes long queues to get in.
Admission: 10-12 € (without drink)

Muccassassina @ Qube
Friday 23:00 – 05:00 (October – May)
Via di Portonaccio 212Big dance palace, off the city center of Rome, with several dancefloors, bars and lounge nooks spread over 3 floors. Music mainly Pop, Commercial, Remixe.
Muccassassina started as a gay party, but soon became very popular with both gay and straight young and trendy party people. Hence, often long queue at the entrance already from 23:00 (and later at the coat checks as well).
Admission: 15-18 €, incl. 1 small drink (10 € before 24:00, take 30+ minutes queue waiting time into account)
+39 06-5413985

Frutta e Verdura After Hour
Sunday morning 04:30 – approx. 11:00
Via di Santa Passera 27
After-hours club with bar, dancefloor, cruising area and outdoor terrace.
Mixed gay, transsexual and straight crowd.
Far away from the city center and difficult to get there without a car or taxi.
Admission: approx. 10-15 € (+ membership card)
Facebook page
+39 347-2446721, +39 347-8797063 (mobile)

Cruising & Fetish

Thu-Sun 22:00 – 03:00; Fri, Sat till 04:00
Via Placido Zurla 68
Gay bar with 2 small cruising areas. On Thursday naked party.
+39 06-299929

Il Diavolo Dentro
Tue, Wed 22:00 – 03:00; Fri, Sat 22:00 – 04:00; Sun 16:00/22:00 – 02:00 (15 August – 1 September closed)
Largo Itri 23
from Termini: Tram 5, 14, Night bus N12: Prenestina/Telese
Gay sex club with bar and play areas, cabins and slings. Mostly naked parties.
Mixed ages, mainly 40+.
Admission: 8-10 €, incl. 1 soft drink (+ sep. membership card)
+39 392-4907271 (mobile)

K Club
Tue-Sun 22:30 – 03:00; Fri, Sat till 04:00
Via Amato Amati 6-8
Bus 105, Night bus N18: Casilina/Filarete
Playrooms and cabins. Mixed ages, clientele mainly in their thirties and forties.
Check the K Club website for their theme nights and (un)dresscode agenda.
Admission: 6 €
+39 06-21701268, +39 349-5876731 (mobile)Skyline ClubDaily 22:30 – 03:00; Fri, Sat till 04:00 Via Pontremoli 36Metro: San GiovanniCruisy gay bar and labyrinth with cabins. Mixed ages and mixed types of men.
On Monday naked party.
Minimum consumption: 1st drink 7 €
+39 06-7009431

Leather Club Roma
Check their website for special events organized or supported by this leather club, for instance the annual leather & fetish event Catacombs in December.


Apollion Sauna
Daily 14:00 – 23:00
Via Mecenate 59/A
Gay sauna near the Colosseum. With an adequately sized and arranged cruising area, while the wet area is very small and rather gloomy.
There is no bar for drinks and snacks, only a vending machine at the entrance.
Mixed ages.+39 06-4825389, +39 338-2433416 (mobile)

E.M.C. (Europa Multiclub)
Mon-Thu 13:00-00:00; Fri 13:00-00:00 nonstop
Via Aureliana 40 Metro: RepubblicaBig gay sauna incl. bar, small gym room and pool.
Clientele mainly 25–45.
+39 06-4823650

Sauna Mediterraneo
Daily 13:00 – 23:00
Via Pasquale Villari 3
Metro A: Manzoni
Gay sauna in the center of Rome. Clientele mainly mature men and bears.
+39 06-77205934

SPArtacus Sauna
Daily12:00 – 24:00

Via Pontremoli 28
Metro: San Giovanni
Gay sauna for bears & friends.
+39 06-70474320


ComingOut Shop
Thuesday-Sunday 15: 00/18: 00 – 24:00; Fri, Sat until 02: 00
Via di San Giovanni in Laterano 26Metro B: ColosseoSmall gay shop close to the Colosseum and the gay cafe-bar Coming Out.
Magazines, photo books, comic books, T-shirts, underwear, accessories, toys and souvenirs.
Facebook page
+39 06-64764726

Mon 15:00 – 20:00; Tue-Sat 10:00 – 20:00

Piazza Sforza Cesarini 27
Bus 40: Chiesa Nuova
Gay-friendly. Fetish clothes and accessories. Friendly and helpful staff.
›If you’re a single man or woman, a couple, heterosexual, bisexual, gay, lesbian, crossdresser and you’re visiting the city, come to Alcova: you might take home more than just a nice picture of the Coliseum.‹Facebook page
+39 06-6864118

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