Amazon on me: a woman portrait

Bright-eyed and bushy tailed on shirt hair she arrived. She has entered the word of writing to reveal the secrets of the eternal city and nothing will prevent her.

Margherita Fiaccavento, born and raised in the capital, model student of “Tasso” eminent school for classic study, loving the good cooking, was forced at the best traumatic experience for any Roman people: the change of the city.

Always engaged in the work of marketing and communication our new writer does not lose heart. Army of “notebook”; she embarks on a new adventure towards the Padania eager for new experiences, but above all to share her Roman attitude with the world.

Accustomed since childhood as possible to enrich his personal baggage takes this “obstacle” in his life as a challenge, as an opportunity to mature and herself, arrived in Padania, clashes with the new realities.

Amazon-on-me-versione-kindle_margherita-fiaccaventoLife leads her to be part of one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world: Margherita enters the lion’s den and is taken in the warehouses of

More of a challenge at first seems a mockery, among grueling rounds and races with the carts, but by the time you realize you become part of something; something she helps to make it even bigger and between work and love, there is always time for a good amatriciana!

From this long experience could only result in a book, full of meetings and emotions: “Amazon on me” is not only a story but rather the analysis of the inner journey of a woman, a deep analysis and sometimes ironic, that makes us understand how to deal with any situation in life while remaining head-on.

Here the link of the Amazon on me book:

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