The Cammi tinplate arrive in Rome

Gianluca_Cammi_opereMetal carpentry and artistic inspiration arrive in Rome in the window of the ArtisanArtigiane (

The objects and works of art need Cammi arise from more ‘disparate.


Gianluca Cammi

Cammi uses his years of experience to make people smile and bend stainless steel. All his works are made with scraps of metal carpentry. By reworking of industrial waste in harmony with the mind of the artist from Piacenza were born the first cylinder smiling called just “Tinplate” From gray metal Cammi has been able to bring out the smile expression across human remains poorly suited to an alloy so ‘resistant.

The encounter with the “Roman ladies” The founders of the company and le ‘a collaboration that brought the craftsman Piacenza to exhibit His works on Roman square from the end of 2014.

Walking through the historic center of Rome a few steps from Largo Argentina and the Pantheon after a long look to the many tourist attractions of the city was founded in the irresistible urge to take home a souvenir. If you want to buy something original I recommend a shop dedicated to the exhibition of the work and creative craftsmanship.

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