The “Save our beaches” initiative comes from Abruzzo

Abruzzo wants to give a strong and clear sign to clean up and enhance our beautiful Italian beaches! It does this through a praiseworthy initiative called “Let’s save our beaches”, where the tourism operators association Lido Riccio di Ortona has promoted this extraordinary operation … there are so many beaches abandoned in all of Italy, real paradises lost and forgotten as the Lido Riccio of Ortona, a blue lagoon set between two steep and verdant hills that end above the sea! Watching the sunset from this piece of sea surrounded by greenery is a priceless experience … you will be enchanted and let yourself be lulled by the heady smell of the sea and the breathtaking view that opens up before your eyes!

In the rocky wall of the hill that surrounds the small lagoon, there are ancient caves carved into the rock, where at the time of the first and second world wars, the partisans hid there to escape the Germans!
But we know in detail this initiative that the Architect Deborah De Marco, one of the members of the association, is trying to re-evaluate, with an architectural project designed specifically for the site in question, to make it become a window on the Adriatic, plus ‘precisely “the port of the Costa dei Trabocchi”, the first of many other similar initiatives that are taking place!

The Association of Lido Riccio tour operators is made up of citizens and commercial activities who have joined forces and who freely make themselves available to re-evaluate the various abandoned areas on the Adriatic coast, they do it by cleaning up the beaches from waste and plastic that undermine the cycle natural of the marine ecosystem and making the most of the abandoned beaches …Not everyone knows this remote and uncontaminated place of the Lido Riccio of Ortona, where around the beach there are natural parks and camping immersed in the green of the woods.situated between the mouths of the Arielli and Foro streams, this coastline is one of the most extraordinary and unique jewels of the Adriatic coast!For those wishing to take a cue from this initiative and build it on other abandoned Italian beaches, they can contact the Lido Riccio Association of Ortona through the official Facebook page at the following link:


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