by Matias Feldman
translation and directed by Manuela Cherubini
Luisa Merloni, Marco Quaglia, Alessandro Riceci, Patrizia Romeo
PsicopompoTeatro production with the support of Rialto Santambrogio and Bodywork not In collaboration with Smart-it

And wake up in the morning. Sunday. We have the whole day ahead, so taking us all the time we need. So it’s Sunday. The last day of the week, the last wagon wheel. That firm, in reserve. Waking up to tell a short story for four voices. A stream of thoughts from the rooftops. A single road to four outputs, four grooves around a wire, four nodes suffocated and indissoluble. Who will come out first? The cool morning air is so tempting, yet there are those who prefer to dream with your eyes closed; yet there is a phone, yet rings? Why do something different on a Sunday morning? Why after all this time we feel the need to hear someone who did not hear more? Why only now realizing, on Sunday morning, we do not want to hear the same phrase, or the same voice? And why the mere sight of a dead pigeon must be able to spoil this damn sunny Sunday?
Why not take much to change much. Because we all love, no love ever.

Was staged at the Theatre Library Quarticciolo already on 14 and 15 March is now possible to see him again at Bodywork not March 20 to 22.


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