foto di Alessandro Montanari

foto di Alessandro Montanari

written and directed by Alessandro Bardani and Luigi di Capua
collaboration to the text Life Rosati
assistant director Ileana Nastasi
interpreters Giorgio Colangeli, Francesco Montanari with Maria Gorini  

There is a law, only in Italy, prohibiting children not recognized by birth, known as NN, to know the name of the birth parents before the age of one hundred years. Thus was born, 15 years ago, the F.A.E.G.N. (National Association of adopted children and birth parents) to attend to give psychological support and legal research legitimate of their origins and therefore in the fight against legislation in force today. And with these premises begins this hilarious comedy staged at the Theatre of the Comet of Rome, March 10 to 29, which sees two actors in the scene of well-accredited skill as Giorgio Colangeli and Francesco Montanari. In the roles of two N.N. in fact, two sons unrecognized and abandoned at birth by an unknown mother, perform the two protagonists in a struggle between the funny and inexhaustible sarcasm and seriousness. One, the youngest, a thirty year old but with the soul of an old boring and chaste, haunted by a past that can not know, and the other, an old man on the threshold of the century, with your whole life ahead of a young boy behind the times. Two destinies irreconcilable, two natures so different, yet equal by nature. Two languages ​​unambiguous and far, two generations exchanged in the cradle, two ways to orient the world unapproachable if there was the compass of the heart.   So the search for his own origin becomes the desire for identity recognized and acceptable , a name that not belongs to us always , a common thread between life and life to get back to where we have never been.



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