CARMEN – Mario Martone’s Malafemmina

Carmen di Mario Martone - foto di Valeria Tomasulo

Carmen di Mario Martone – foto di Valeria Tomasulo

Teatro Argentina 18 March | April 19 2015
by Enzo Moscato
adapted and directed by Mario Martone
musical direction Mario Trunk

with Iaia Forte, Roberto De Francesco
Ernesto Mahieux, Giovanni Ludeno
Anna Redi, Francesco Di Leva, Houcine Ataa
Raul Scebba, Viviana Cangiano, Mi Kyung Lee
live performance of the Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio

scenes Sergio Tramonti
costumes Ursula Patzak
lights Pasquale Mari
sound Hubert Westkemper
choreography Anna Redi
assistant director Raffaele Di Florio
assistant production designer Sandra Müller

Cermen, passionate, instinctive, unfaithful. Too beautiful for one man and too free to choose.
Naples a whore, a party of a wretched – choreographed and transported by a fantastic Anna Redi – and unfortunate “stranger” in northern Italy.
All for a love story, a revenge of pain, a red flower in focus black nights.
This is because the lovers are stupid, and the cities of the south are ruthless with the stupid love.
From meat to heart blazes passion live on the notes of the Orchestra di Piazza Vittoria and the party breaks arousing monsters, when the crimes as salt runs in the blood and mouth. Are smiles in the air, are caresses winking and warning, are already stabbed promises; and she – Iaia Forte in good shape – pink lips and eyes of the well, with death at his heels, to make them livid the court, that the approaching love but only touches the face, damn.
Work well orchestrated, Martone’s Carmen, a gypsy score and extravagant, thick with contemporary myths where disfigures the timeless figure of evil beloved female. And if violence is the mask of love and steal the throne to reason, clings cowardly impotence to beauty and his refusal unbearable responds with death. The unrequited desire wants to be hate, and the sweet life cedes the stage to the tragedy.


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