HONORED COMPANY – The tragedy of the Vajont in the disaster of civilization

Patrizia Zanco in Onorata Società - foto di Valeria Tomasulo

Patrizia Zanco in Onorata Società – foto di Valeria Tomasulo

from a text by Francesco Niccolini
with Patricia Zanco
directed by Patricia Zanco / Daniela Mattiuzzi
first spectator Roberto Aldorasi
with the advice of historical Toni Sirena and Ass. Cult. Tina Merlin
a theater production Fatebenesorelle www.patriciazanco.it

“Vajont is the name of the river that flows in the valley of Erto and Casso to flow into the Piave, front and Castellavazzo Longarone, in the province of Belluno (Italy).
The history of these communities were devastated by the construction of Vajont dam, which caused the landslide of Mount Toc in the artificial lake. On the evening of October 9, 1963 he raised a huge wave, which sowed death and desolation everywhere. The most reliable estimate is, to date, of 1910 victims.
Were committed three fundamental human errors that led to the massacre: having built the dam in a valley not suitable from a geological perspective; having raised the share of the artificial lake over the safety margins; not having raised the alarm on the evening of October 9 to activate the mass evacuation of people living in areas at risk of flooding. It was opened a judicial inquiry. The trial was celebrated in its three phases from November 25, 1968 to March 25, 1971, and ended with the recognition of criminal liability for the predictability of flooding and landslide and multiple manslaughter. Now Spar and the affected countries have been rebuilt. “(Http://www.vajont.net/)

HONORED COMPANY ‘- at the Teatro Two Rome from May 24th to March 26th, 2015 – is a civil catastrophe, a mafia story, a tale of shame. A nature raped and rewarded with thousands of human beings, of which we commemorate that hell, a biblical punishment in the hands of the powerful of the earth, a disaster waiting to happen, and we ignore for the sins of state.
From the voice of Patricia Zanco, by his vigorous body, leave the thousand and one of those voices, from poor people to their killers, the retry excuses and accusations in an unsolvable cocktail of secrets and lies.
By overwhelming monologue franano guilty and guilt, disperse fleeing the long sounds of the conviction and the old despair. Thus conscience coached hiding in the mud and silence regresses shattered the dull roar of outrage 1910 times irreparable.


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