Ciliegin is the explosive debut of Bordeaux

Ciliegin is the debut single from Bordeaux, out 2022 Oct. 21.  Provocative, ironic, with a production laden with electronic elements and an edgy vocal timbre; the lyrics are a barrage of puns in the verses, with a straight-ahead chorus that revolves around simple, clear and direct phrasing. Ciliegin has all the elements for a debut that makes its mark.

Bordeaux is a color, the one that Sara Sbaragli gives to her voice and her music, following an audiovisual trace. that in a synaesthetic way brings her back a precise tone: warm, sensual and enveloping.

Bordeaux is a Roman artist, class of ’98. She mixes electronic and acoustic, alternating more elementally charged productions and minimal and intimate sounding pieces. She moves elegantly between pop, electronic and rap, always presenting different facets, from the more ironic or sensual to the more intimate and introspective. She plays with her timbre with great mastery, alternating between more enveloping and edgy interpretations.

With the Bordeaux project, Sara lays bare her whole self, all her human and artistic aspects, demonstrating a mature and conscious versatility.

During the compositional process she found her sound by working on the piano and vocal pieces with Dario Jacque, who later together with Simone Vitale produced songs in a more hybrid version and a more electronic sound that reflects the various nuances of Bordeaux.

Bordeaux is a perfect hybrid reminiscent of a little Rosalia, a little Billi Eilish and a little BENEE.

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