Coworking Millepiani, where they meet work, creativity and local participation.

Millepiani_garbatella-roma-coworking__esternoIn the heart of Garbatella, ia popular district of Rome, behind the Teatro Palladium, there is the local market, a monumental neorationalist structure , virtually unused for years. On the one hand, the building houses the community center “La strada – The road”, on the other hand, in via Nicolò Odero, for about two years is active the coworking space Millepiani.

It is the first example in Rome (and among the very few in Italy), reuse of “virtuoso” of the public building for initiatives that look at the future of cities: social innovation and productive land, and especially the residents’ real: “populating our metropolis”. Young people from the high skills and zero income, technicians and professionals victims of the failure of the Veltroni major miracle , unemployed so-called “return”, overwhelmed dall’irreversibile crisis of the Roman production system.



  These bodies which cross, live, cooperate and make living space Millepiani.

Everything is born, as always with an idea: to rebuild a production line, at a time when the economic crisis dismantles small medium enterprises in the design and communication.

Then freelance, micro active in graphics, video production, web services, product design, come together and share the means of production, work spaces and skills.

The experience lasts about a year and a half, and it fails. It is one thing to share, it is one thing to collaborate. If we have a space, and each appropriates a portion, that each begins to build fences, to mark their identity / property, to see the other as a possible invader.

Then the economy collaborative is only a theory? The human being is “naturally” individualistic?

No, because it comes Felipe.

Felipe is an exiled Chilean TV operator in his country. They spotted in Australia who was a videomaker, the mountains of Barbagia as etnodocumentarista, Palestinian refugee camps to broadcast the counter with the news of the children, to ride bulls in Pamplona mad …

… And in Rome we birth Millepiani 2.0.

Enough with the “professionalism”, with the “creative excellence”, with business leaders: we open the doors to contamination, hybrids, creativity unspoken that this city produces and is not able to exploit.

What happens then to Millepiani? Not arrive individual freelance workers in search of jobs, but small groups who want to implement projects, seeking a space yes, but above all relationships, ideas, collaboration. Archaeologists online, Big datisti, virtual coins, platforms sharing neighborhood, radio stations “collaborative”, energy experts, theater groups, choirs intergenerational musicians on demand, gas at 0 km, Ciclofficina, observers of extraterrestrials, undergraduates, European designers , cooks for rent …

We eat together at the Hosteria popular “La Villa”, a symbol of resistance and anti-Roman, who opens the doors. What better place for a co-working class who have been taken off the rights, welfare, income, but also the future?

Then we realized that we were not alone, that Rome is teeming with innovative experiences, that the European Union not only looks forward to the future of the continent, but that supports …

But this is another story, that soon we’ll tell you …. by Enrico Parisio

Millepiani Coworking
Via Nicolò Odero, 13 – 00154 Roma
Metro linea B fermata Garbatella
Bus linee 670, 673, 715, 716.
Telefono: +39.06.888.17.620

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