Daniele Pompili, the Italian model that conquers the web!

We offer you an exclusive interview with one of the most fashionable Italian models on the web in recent times, testimonials of prestigious brands such as armani, levis and diesel, we are talking about Daniele Pompili.
1) You’ve become a sex symbol of the web, does it give you satisfaction?
you satisfy me a lot and I like that also my followers who want to be a part of my days that I share in instagram
2) All your success points on your physical image, how much time do you dedicate to the care of your body every day?
I dedicate an hour a day of gym even if I confess that I eat the worst junk like nutella that I’m going crazy
3) Tell us about a typical day of Daniele?
I get up in the morning I have breakfast I share everything in instagram, then I often go to business meetings concerning my business as an entrepreneur in the financial sector, and in the afternoon I dedicate myself to the gym in all this I do at least a 2 hour rest relax the mind, and in the evening I see myself with friends even if at least 2 times a week I dedicate myself to be watching a film alone or in company
4) What do you think about the spread of homophobic acts in Italy during this period?
I think the blame is part of the church because seeing an interview of a priest I was stunned while the priest justified an act of homophobia because it was partly the fault of those who received it and that is really hallucinatory, said I think that everyone and free to express his sexuality as he sees fit because we are in too modern times and homophobia should no longer exist
5) Which is the part of your body that you like most?
abdomen chest shoulders
6) And what do you like the most?
side B
7) Tell us at least one secret of your beauty?
hahahhah I have no secrets say that I do not drink alcohol and I do not smoke already I think this is a little secret to keep well
8) In which city of the world would you like to live and why?
barcelona and new york because I was in both cities even in Barcelona I bought a house because I wanted to transfer and there are two cities’ lives full of energy and above all you can express and show without asking questions compared to Italy
9) Do you rank the most important things in your life?
I seem to be satisfied but so love because in love the brain goes out and the heart is turned on and thanks to that you feel emotions, then the family, the autonomy
10) Are you afraid of loneliness?
11) Your dreams in the drawer?
in part I made them another dream and go to the moon and I’m serious I’m not kidding !!
12) Your sexual fantasy?
too many I have fantasies but I confess you one in particular do it at high altitude
13) Projects for the future?
projects in the yard there are 3 one of which already made work in the program paolo bonolis hello darwin mediaset channel 5 light the actor inside the time machine playing a character of a period every week

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