Emiliano Toso with his Translational Music back in concert

“It’s not about what we choose but how we choose it. Choose with the heart.”
Emiliano Toso

The Translational Music virtuoso Biologist Emiliano Toso was back in Rome this week with his original piano compositions at Theater Ghione, with special guest Christopher Castellini, award-winning mentalist of extraordinary talent.

It was sublime evening full of beauty and wonder. One beautiful moment from the many, was when Christopher invited an audience member, chosen randomly by catching a frisbee, to the stage to choose a novel from a choice of three, then pick a random page from that novel without sharing the page number. He then proceeded in his mysterious way to divinate the page number but more importantly the first word on that page, which happened to be cuore (heart in English). This coincidently coincides with the alias of the theater, the theater of the heart.

The entire night was based on the premise that we are all meant to be exactly where we are and even if events do not go as planned something better will always happen. He attests to this by making many references to his life using a wheelchair and is a testament to living your best life through all circumstances.

This assertion creates a type of magic and it aligned harmoniously with Emiliano’s 432Hz healing sounds from the piano and in Emiliano-style the audience was invited to be apart of the music, to move around freely and also under his piano. Some participants stood around the piano touching it to feel the vibrations, others meditated, while some cried.

These two artists combined created an alchemical mixture of music, magic, harmony and love. It was beautifully choreographed yet at the same time had an air of spontaneity entwined with destiny. Christopher through his craft is talented genius and unique while being an inspiration to us all. Emiliano’s shows are ones not to be missed and Rome waits once again in bated breath for his return, he who carries so much love, light, wholeness and healing through his music, presence and research.

To read more about Emiliano here is a link to a previous article: https://www.romecentral.com/en/emiliano-toso-concerto-a-432hz-lalbero-della-musica-tour/

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