I have a passion for Gospel music.
I am invited by a friend to an evening of music with dinner attached at the Favilla Hotel at Rome on the Salaria.
I always go willingly to music evenings and being a gospel evening I go with a well-disposed spirit.
I arrive early and attend a couple of rehearsals, already there my adrenaline rises to a fever pitch, hearing them sing you realize the sound power and vocal range of the group, absolutely fantastic.
The dinner begins good in general but without any particular high notes in the dishes offered, the place is nice taken care of and tastefully decorated, the owner, who wanders among the tables, very nice too, definitely kind and competent. The stage set up unfortunately was done at the last minute due to bad weather but definitely improvable, for acoustics, listened to the group, they could sing in the trunk of a truck they would be equally excellent.
The concert begins around 9 p.m. and the group Backing Vocals Service, strongly desired by its founder Mattia Pedretti, begins an outstanding performance that goes on throughout the evening giving deep emotions thanks to truly first-rate vocalists and a repertoire ranging from church songs to Whitney Houston and beyond.
Taking turns with sopranos, altos and tenors solos is a riot of professionalism character and unusually beautiful tones.
The group Backing Vocals Service was founded in 2010. A complex of open-minded people. Over the years it develops and selects the top voices arriving at a beautiful and deep musical balance.
Special thanks to Eleonora Candido, a friend who invited me to the evening and who is part of this fantastic set of professionals. Thanks to the whole group and to Mattia Pedretti.
An experience that I hope to be able to relive soon and that I recommend to everyone.
Tommaso Bossù

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