Emotions Art in Tuscany… simplicity and spontaneity expression

francesca-pennese_acquarelliWhat they give us emotions today? A race through the trees, laughing with friends, a rainbow after a big rain …Emotions … are also a splash of color, a shot with a wonderful light, matter that lives under our hands, this is also “Emotions of Art”.

Panoramica_capalbio_toscana_maremmaA project of International Art in the Castle of Capalbio by SpaziOfficia of which was opened this July 18, a group show of 24 international artists exploring with about 150 works …

Capalbio_Toscana_MaremmaArtists: Cristos BALOUKOS – Bastianelli / CARDELLINI – Elena Bellumori – Ana Eugenia BERBEL – Nadia BERGAMINI- Sara CAPOGROSSI – Marco Esteban CAVALLARO – Ugo Maria CIONFRINI – Laura CULTRERA – Georgeta GRABOVSCHI – Dario MAZZEO – Paola NAPOLEONI – Maria Rita ONOFRI – Jean François PARVEAUX – Donatella PAUSELLI – Francesca PENNESE – Betti RELLA – Maria Pia RELLA – Julius RIGONI – Fulvio Rottichieri – Adelaide SCAVINO – Sabrina SIMONCINI – Danilo TEAGANO – Valentina Zelli.

This exhibition is a project of sharing to express innermost feelings through works of different artists, full of life and desire to be the heard in the world, they are the aggregate expression of culture, social life and philosophy, to discover. Their works speak to us: they are energetic, decisive, poignant, exciting, deep, free, of wonderful quality and made in a workmanlike manner, for each of us … but always with an eye to our emotions…

I am honored to be able to enjoy this show full of values, here is short interviews with some of the participating artists …

Ana-Eugenia-Berbel_MUJER-ALADAAna Eugenia Berbel and her work of red passion colours….

1) what about your work? full of coulour? your red? In my work, between life and dreams I would like to show what intuition and experience has taught to my spirit. I intend to visually convey the love of the land and the aesthetic appreciation of the Andes. In my paintings there is a lot of color in pure, I think it conveys sincerity, optimism and good energy. Red is absolutely my favorite, I think because I have spanish roots, my grandfather was from Andalucía.

2) when you work, what do you feel and what do you want to the public feel? When I paint I feel completely free. In my blank canvas I can capture the feelings that I have at that time. I want people to feel joy at seeing my strong colors which may be able to change their gray day that always all have.

3) your fist experience in Italy? You like? did you want to came back? I like Italy very much, history, culture, food, almost everything. Much of Argentina is of Italian descent , is very familiar to me food and some customs, even though I am not a descendant of Italians. I have traveled four times to Italy and I hope it will not be the last, one of the series…

Storia-del-Basilisco_Giulio-RigoniGiulio Rigoni with his magical painting figure with them silence…

1) your works, you see behind a big study and ongoing research, that feeling you have when you paint? My painting is mainly skills survey / personal limitations in formulating ideas and visions. By himself – focus the issue to be realized – I am forwarding to a location that is different every time and that will remain essentially unknown until the completion of the work. Then I can say if that intention is reached, if it is missing or if it accidentally took me on different levels. So, if in answer to your question, the feelings are always waiting, of preparation for the time that will be joy or sometimes frustration.

2) sensations that you give to your audience? My figures, the worlds that I paint are always surrounded by an atmosphere of silence: the movements blocked, the contrasts between flat surfaces and naturalism of the faces or things, the approach does not logically different themes; All this wants to create in the viewer of my work a shift of thought, the idea of ​​lead in a world made of suspended distant echoes, of memories, but also of spiritual tension.

3) your future studies which will lead you? The figurative world is what belongs to me and I will continue to explore. At the same time I am fascinated by the variety of materials and the strength that can give to my work. Metal surfaces, in their ability to capture light and express the color, or are now the object of my studies.

Giuliano Bastianelli di BASTIANELLI/CARDELLINI con nuove sculture a muro…

1) How do these works for this exhibition? The pieces are inspired preserving one purpose, that is, “merging” the sculpture to poetry, but using three different techniques, the first in mixed media on rusty metal medium with poetry iron to one phyllo sheet metal welded with the Series “ There, where the wind is silent “and inherent in the universe and space and stellar interior, the second in mixed media on rusty metal with small poem written on the sheet of SERIES SPACE and inherent vision of space; the third in mixed media on canvas with poem small series REFLECTIONS inherent in the artist’s thought that seeks creative inspiration from the forms that surround it.

2) Are you in two, as you are working, do you want to leave as a footprint in the future? Yes, two of us, after so many years of creative staff and separate him for about 50 years and about 30 years for me, we decided to create this partnership very beautiful and fruitful, in which sculpture and poetry come together in a single entity . The initial draft of a work comes along, the choice of materials is made together, the technical realization is together, though the poetry proposal I shall be examined by both, so active and constructive contribution to both. For the future we would leave so many different messages: The protection of the environment, the use of clean energy, the beauty of the universe outward and inward awareness of the constant research and creative artist and still leave a message of beauty, harmony and joy of life, it also works with strong social commentary.

3) Future projects? We are creating projects of installations of great emotional impact, which are of social protest of the many contemporary issues, in order to sensitize the people who have to make decisions and to protect the rights of the less privileged, whose number is steadily increasing.

Francesca Pennese e i suoi delicati acquarelli di mondi fantastici…

1) When did the love for painting? The love for painting was born as a girl, when an exhibition of Matisse first, and then Picasso, have been literally kidnapped by color and design ….

2) studied with gestures or natural? I would say that are natural … I always follow the instinct. For my paintings I use no sketches or evidence. I try to express what I feel rather quickly.

3) What would you like for your artistic future? For my artistic future would first like to improve in technique and in design. I’d like to make paintings bigger than I do now, and finally I hope one day to become a good illustrator of books of fairy tales.

Yes, these artists are very different, but they shared the mood and the times we are living, with a great desire to redeem the time passing … A hard time, but they are here to show us that time can’t stopped through the emotions and moods, to be able to rediscover the simplicity and spontaneity of expression that is found only in the art and those who live it.

A picturesque trip to the Castle of Aldobrandeschi Colacchioni Capalbio, in exhibition until next sunday, embodies the soul, the impressions and the extraordinary creativity of all participants.


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