Interview with Marianna Bertagnolli for the View Show

Marianna-Bertagnolli,_rifugio-la-RodaMarianna Bertagnolli, 40 year old mother of pre-teens Arturo and Diana Lazzari (thus M.A.D. productions), long time professional photographer, artist and now, writer:

    We met Marianna Bertagnolli on the peak of Mount Paganella at 2125mt (6972 ft.), overlooking both the World Heritage Brenta Dolomites and the Garda Sea, where she chose to make the first public Installation of theVIEWshow, presented by her own brand thenglishgarden as EGproject#3, in Trentino/South Tirol,  Italy, Sunday, August 16th 2015.Marianna-Bertagnolli_Dolomiti_Trentino_the-view-show

   TheVIEWshow is an interactive writer’s Installation on death and redemption, made up of sequences of words called “Emotional Gags” inspired by pain, loss, gratitude and simplicity. Marianna-Bertagnolli_Dolomiti_Trentino_nodoThe work is presented as flying flags which call to mind the prayer flags used by the people of Tibet, telling a tale of liberation and release; And theVIEWshow is also made up of hundreds of simple printed A4 white paper hung with wooden pegs on strings. The carefully hand written/painted precious linen flags are numbered and unsellable but the paper gags exist to be given away during the performance. All the Emotional Gags of the show work well together to tell the hardships and joys of one life’s journey, but each individual gag has a sense of its own and can be enjoyed as a stand alone message. In fact viewers are encouraged to choose a paper gag and bring it home as a souvenir of their presence and a token of their support of the Artist’s ongoing project: theVIEWshow aims to finance its journey thanks to the open donations of its viewers who may turn into supporters.Marianna-Bertagnolli_Dolomiti_Trentino_view-show
    Photographic accounts of thenglishgardenproject#3 and a catalogue of emotional gags are available.

   TheVIEWshow installation was planned for Sunday August 16th, 2015 on top of Paganella mountain and was to be hosted by Gigi and Sabrina Giovannini’s famous La Roda restaurant & shelter. Marianna-Bertagnolli_Dolomiti_Trentino_la-rodaDue to bad weather the project was rescheduled and relocated near Mrs. Sandra Miori’s lovely Bait del Germano restaurant early Tuesday morning, August 18th 2015. The artist tied her flags’s golden knots together and anchored them to the last trees that hold the rim of the mountain tops above the valley in view of the Garda Sea. Please see the attached photos of the installation.

Sveva ‘s Questions:

1.What is thenglishgarden project#1 ?

    Thenglishgardenproject#1 is an english school for kids which will start officially in the Fall 2015 at the Art Studio in Mattarello di Trento. The project was inspired by a little duck called Poppy Lazzari Giupponi Bertagnolli who adopted us for some time this past April: It was in Her honour that I started painting and drawing classes for my children’s friends and thenglishgarden project#1 was born. Teaching has allowed me to put together all my favorite things in the world, which are: children, nature, animals, art and english! I assure you, we have a lot of fun!

Marianna-Bertagnolli_Dolomiti_Trentino_22.TheVIEWshow is presented as thenglishgardenproject#3. When did this writing project start and what are your “Emotional Gags” ?

    I realise that I have always been a writer, but only recently I felt the urge to display my work, flaunt it around, release it and then let it go ! 
The writer’s urge came to me through a double trick of fate: first Poppy our baby duck died one morning and then soon after on May 6th 2015 my good friend Michela theLioness did the same: she died at 46 years old of a sudden heart attack. The huge and sudden grief I felt all over again is what made theVIEWshow. I basically turned two months of writings into a private installation in my ViewGarden at home (, on July 4th and then again on July 16th, 2015.  

As I worked I noticed how good I felt… how much lighter and quiet my heart was after giving my Gags away….so I keep going!
Finally, thenglishgardenproject#3 guards a special promise I made to my friend: It is my wish to open a savings account for a third of theVIEWshow’s future donations, in Therry, theLioness’ Cub’s name, for her to ave one day the freedom to travel and learn the world.

3.What is an Emotion and what is an emotion in art?
   I can see nothing more important than honouring and pursuing emotions in one’s life.

   I call “emotion” in art by First and Last name: Art is my Mrs. Stupid Simplicity ! This because I see art everywhere and usually in the simplest of forms. Art is life to me and in fact I see my life as an adventourous dreamer’s masterpiece.

4.How important is the inner Element?

My inner self is my best friend, with whom I’ve finally recently reached a certain kind of magic balance.

5.Who or What inspires you?

   I have a fairly long list of inspirations like nature, childhood, literature, poetry, theater, music, my friends, Facebook, Instagram, the refusal of T.V., recycling, good deeds, courage and faith. In short, I got a lot of faith in love.

6.Which is more important to you , the words or the images?

   I am a photographer so when you say “image” you touch me in the inside… but I am also a passionate reader, and I know that words have the capacity to paint the most intimate pictures.

7.What is Photography to you?

    I am 40 years old today so in the 80’s and 90’s I had the opportunity to slowly and patiently master the beloved old school of the trade, complete with darkroom skills and a big variety of assistant photographer’s jobs. In 2001 I eventually became an in-house photojournalist stringer for the Associated Press in Rome and encountered the digital world at its best … Today I still love it all, I love the skills on my fingertips and the cool simplicity of Photoshop for the final rendering of work. Professionally  I am best at childrens’ portrait photography and I love reportage.

8.Should people control their emotions?

    Emotions can not be controlled ! But  I know I can strive and work hard for them because they come to me beautifully each time I dream something and work hard to make it happen.

9.Any obsession?

    Sure! I am obsessed with the Respect of Nature, with Truth, Honesty and Integrity.

10.Images from the Past or of Today?

    Images from today, from this second, because this here now is the only possible present there is. The images of the past are an unavoidable inheritance.

11.What are your future plans and ambitions?

    In the upcoming school year I will be working at thenglishgarden’s Art in English for kids Workshops.

    I will take theVIEWshow to Stromboli in Sicily on Sept. 11, 2015, and then to Rome’s Prima Porta’s Old Cemetery on October 25th 2015
for the 9th Departure Anniversary of Luca Lazzari.

    In the future I would like to apply for a teaching position on the Semester at Sea program ( currently at the University of Virginia ) so that if I get hired, I will be able to call my show “theVIEWjourney” and bring it to all the ports I visited around the world when I was a sophmore university student in the fall of 1993.

12.Your Motto?

    My motto is my very first Emotional Gag dated December 31st 2014, it says:
“I am happy because I have enough “; and my iphone screensaver says: “Keep Calm and Love”.

13.Ask yourself a question and give an answer.

Question: Are you happy? Answer: Yes.

14.What sign or message do you want to leave as an Artist?

   I pray that my feet be as gentle as possible upon this Earth, and I hope that in my Freedom others can find new air to breathe.

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