Equilibrio Dance Festival Rome 2017

The Equilibrium Festival this year is dedicated to Germany. Kurt Jooss, Pina Bausch, Susanne Linke, Reinhild Hoffmann and Hans Züllig, are some of the names that the February 2017 festival will pay tribute.

From this year #EquilibrioFestival renews its formula; contemporary dance and dance theater will be interpreted every year by a country chosen and invited as the main protagonist, this year the dance-ballet festival starts with Germany.
The choice to start with Germany allowing it to recognize the equal German value culture of the dance is to propose an objective reading a historical point of European dance today.
The foundational role played by the German modern dance in the ‘900, by Rudolf von Laban, Mary Wigman and Gret Palucca, as well as the development of companies and styles, schools and large very influential names, make Germany an important European and world cultural center.

Kurt Jooss, Pina Bausch, Susanne Linke, Reinhild Hoffmann and Hans Züllig, are some of the names that Balance of February 2017 Festival will pay tribute.

To give shape to Balance Festival will be many artists and companies:
Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company – Jacopo Godani;
Herner Street-Art Company Pottporus / Renegade;
the two historical figures still in business, Susanne Linke and Reinhild Hoffmann, exceptionally combined in a gala evening for a special proposal of their respective repertoires; an ambitious project and a show presented under the slogan “Wuppertal Legacy“, in which various artists who have previously worked with the Wuppertal company following the signs and the aesthetic of Pina Bausch will propose the choreography designed and then independently.
The DanceLab Berlin and homage to Harald Kreutzberg, one of the dancers / choreographers most famous of German expressionist dance of the twenties and thirties.

With the patronage of Germany Rome and the support of the Goethe-Institut Rom
03/02/2017 – 02/24/2017 Auditorium Parco della Musica

Calendar – Program

2017, February 3 21:00 | Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company / Jacopo Godani Godani – The Primate Trilogy
A work in three parts organized around the idea of ​​evolution: the evolution of the bodies, the evolution of the author of the approach to the art of choreography and the evolution of this choreography in particular through the three creations that compose .
Entrance 25 €

2017, 4 February 19:00 | The Green Table and the Kurt Jooss message
Screening of the film The Green Table and meeting with Leonetta Bentivoglio and Claudio Schellino
    free entry

2017, February 5 18:00 | Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company / Jacopo Godani Godani – Mixed program (Metamorphers / Echoes from a restless soul / Postgenoma / Moto Perpetuo)
Jacopo Godani Godani has meditated on the concept of the trilogy, dealing with it not only in terms of choreography, but also from a musical. This combination of three abstract piece, in which music plays a prominent role, helps enrich the extensive artistic curriculum of the Italian choreographer.
    Entrance 25 €

2017, 6 February at 21.00 | Inheritance Wuppertal – Tribute to Pina Bausch through the creations of his dancers
    Inheritance Wuppertal presents, for the first time in Italy, three works by dancers-choreographers shaped by Tanztheater Wuppertal, ensemble founded and directed by choreographer-director Pina Bausch, the “great mother” of contemporary dance theater, died in 2009.
    Entrance 20 €

2017, 10 February 21:00 | DanceLab Berlin / Norbert Servos Jorge Morro – El Circulo LORD. Tribute to Harald Kreutzberg
    El Circulo Eternal is the first part of the homage that DanceLab Berlin has made Harald Kreutzberg, one of the dancers / choreographers most famous of German expressionist dance of the twenties and thirties. Following H.K. – Quintett.
    Entrance 20 €

2017, 20 February 21:00 | Susanne Linke, Koffi Kôkô – Reinhild Hoffmann – Mistral; vor Ort
    A project and a long cherished dream: to gather for a dance night Reinhild Hoffmann (Sorau, 1943) and Susanne Linke (Lüneburg, 1944), two heroic women, two pillars of German dance of the twentieth century.
    Entrance 20 €

2017, 24 February 21:00 | Susanne Linke / Renegade – Ruhr-Ort
    After 23 years, the choreographer Susanne Linke rielaborerà with the ensemble of its legendary Renegade Ruhr-Ort, pièce of dance theater created in 1991 that brings on stage the hard work of the miners.
    Entrance 20 €

Reductions Roma Capitale Youth Information :
just get under 35, go to the Service Centre for Youth and check the current coupon to get a 25% reduction on the price of tickets. Each coupon entitles the purchase of one ticket reduced for each of the Balance festival performances.
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