Backwards: Trip Hop, Minimal and Electronic in the debut of LAZIOSound winners Envoy

Electronic sounds, ambient and minimal influences, British alternative and trip hop worlds in the absolute debut of the LAZIOSound winners Their debut single will be released on October 12, 2021

Link listen Backwards: track entirely recorded in analogue for a project that has its roots in the alternative rock of the other side of the Channel, with a particular reference to the independent scene of the late Nineties: This is Backwards, the debut single by Envoy – winners of LAZIOSound promoted by Regione Lazio – which comes out on 12 October and marks the absolute debut of a young band to be discovered, capable of bringing together the sounds of formations such as Radiohead, Massive Attack, U2, Blur, with a spectacular experimental note.

A debut with a minimalist sound, with influences drawn from the British alternative, and from the trip hop scene, supported by a beat of electronic drums that accompanies it throughout its evolution. A debut with an accompaniment of guitars and bass that contributes to a reflective, at times dystopian atmosphere, but which in the end manages to resolve itself into an underlying optimism.

This debut is in line with the studies and passions of Enrico, a 24-year-old ‘almost geologist’ specialising in planetology, Luc, a 22-year-old French-Italian with a strong French touch and Carlo, a 23-year-old Italian of English origin, a student of physics and a lover of pure physics: in a single name, the Envoy, a trio of very young talents with international influences, a formation that lives on the many musical, social and human souls seen in first person since childhood.

These are all influences and experiences that come together in the single that introduces Envoy to the Italian music scene. Featuring a mix of electronic sounds, ambient influences, minimal with a deep meditative edge, Backwards is a reflective song, which talks about the passing of time, and the impossibility of escaping it.

Backwards for us is more than just a song, it is our business card” explain Envoy, “a way to say for the first time, to those who have never listened to us, who we are. It’s what gave birth to this project, it’s the sum of all our musical influences, and all the ideas we’ve always tried to bring forward”.

“We are victims of a world that we understand less and less,” continue Envoy, “trapped in a routine of chaos, frenzy and neon lights, while what is around us transforms at an increasingly unimaginable speed. Backwards investigates the impatience and discomfort brought on by the hyper-accelerated society in which we live, and is an invitation to stop and reflect on what is really important, which is often lost sight of”.

LAZIOSound is the programme of the Lazio Region’s Youth Policy to support and strengthen the development of Lazio’s music system through economic instruments, targeted interventions, partnerships and promotional activities aimed at supporting independent youth artistic components.

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