Ex Dogana: space for Industrial Archeology in the Capital

L’Ex Dogana Ferroviaria meets along the Scalo di San Lorenzo, right after Porta Maggiore, and is one of the main and largest areas of industrial archeology in the capital, now cited in the (Charter of Quality of Cultural Heritage) Carta della Qualità dei Beni Culturali.

It was built in 1925, under the supervision of architect Angiolo Mazzoni, covering an area of ​​24,000 square meters, between external courtyards and internal structures, space was used as a freight railroad station. After a long period of abandonment and a first idea of ​​demolition to make way for a mega shopping center ostracized by the citizens (the story on Libera Repubblica di San Lorenzo) was re-converted and elected to space dedicated to art, culture and appointments entertainment with exhibitions such as ArtFutura Rome, music evenings, concerts, dj sets and festivals such as Viteculture, , projections for the Summer Kino at the New Pier, workshops, fashion shows and fashion shows for AltaRomaAltaModa and a meeting place on the ‘extensive archeological area of ​​Scalo San Lorenzo.

For over two years, in fact, it has been reactivated

thanks to a reuse operation in accordance with its original features, without massive restructuring but starting from the bottom, from the citizen and the will to create a place of aggregation where art, music and cinema can coexist in harmony so as to project Rome to levels of other European cities, which, precisely on the abandoned industrial areas, have been able to reinvent collective urban spaces, essentially cultural exchanges. “

And for a few months he also hosts a Planetarium and the homonymous condo,Condominio San Lorenzo , a co-living experiment and shared sociality, in a dedicated space of 3.000 square meters with a lounge cinema, in collaboration with Fabrique du Cinema, dedicated to world of events and art, library with book-crossing activities, pool tables, ping pong and bar stalls and food street. 

There are so many appointments and events scheduled every day in this versatile and developing space. For more info: exdogana.com 


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