Filicudi island: the Zen garden of the Aeolian archipelago

The island of dwarf palms as the ancient Greeks called it can be described as a place for meditation and soul care.

The African light dazzles and confuses, the stones wear you out while the journey to arrive puts a strain on even the most determined of parents.

One does not arrive by chance at Filicudi, one must choose from all over the Aeolian archipelago to rest the mind and get back in tune with the universe, bringing attention to oneself and one’s own balance.

There is no street lighting in Filicudi there are stars that seem to light up for tourists and the Moon as the only great lighthouse …

It all seems uncomfortable, uphill, inconvenient and difficult, yet in the only tobacconist of the island (Nino Santamaria caffè) it is easy to meet senators, world-famous architects, international artists and all the really important people for this country who influence Italian affairs but yes keep away from the web.

They the V.I.P. arrive with the helicopter on the platforms made specifically as the lawyer Agnelli did when he wanted to indulge in an hour of sea air sailing solo.

They approach the villas with yachts by loading supplies for the coveted exclusive holiday on a mule.

Yet with some selected suggestions it is possible to live and enjoy this Zen garden with different comforts …

If you have not brought with you chairs and umbrellas (essential for the African light and the burning pebbles) you could take refuge on the harbor side in the Nto-scario (mobile phone +39 3890205505) while on the side of Pecorini there is the Solarium Lidalina.

To sleep in addition to hotels it is possible to find rooms and apartments for rent by following this link

Note the number of Fabrizio Rando +39 3890913723 anyway, which in addition to making some apartments available is also a careful guide for boat trips (boarding on two small boats from 2 up to 8 people). Together with his wife Fabrizio he leads a small farm of organic products and then makes preserves of fruit, vegetables, capers, caper pesto, jams and the like …

The last adversity to be overcome to enjoy this garden is constituted by the procurement of raw materials. There is no real market there is a shop on the harbor side (la Putia) where you can find almost everything you need to replenish the galley of a yacht …

If you want to cook fresh fish you will have to settle for the one caught the night before by calling directly the fisherman Giuseppe +39 3683461315 or by going to the beach of the port as in the photo … (squid, shrimp, scorpion fish etc …)

For a real butcher shop you will have to go to Lipari.

Human dolphins and turtles live together on the island that is part of the protected reserve of the Aeolian Islands. You can take you underwater or see dolphins …

Last tips to enter the island community: walk the island walking along the paths (carriage roads) and participate in the sacred functions.

Spirituality remains the only possible sharing and if God wants we will return to doing exercises on Filicudi’s stones, regaining health and peace as befits the effects of an almost Zen garden!

Casa vacanze Rando

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