Francesca Fabris, onda di mare (sea wave)

I was asked to write here about my lockdown (following the government’s restrictions of staying at home etc..), whether it was a creative moment or not … I saw many fellow musicians, more or less professionals, doing live streaming at full speed, something was nice I have to say, but I didn’t want to throw myself in the online market. Honestly I didn’t even play much, or fixed the whole house, or read a lot, or made cakes … I wasn’t very productive, instead I was amazed, angry, worried, and physically and psychologically down. Needless to say, I was part of the normality of people’s reactions.

I haven’t been an exceptional artist during this hard time, I was just a person with all her fragility. But the music was always with me, in my heart, and I thought it would be nice to release this video on a light song, which invites you to let yourself go to passions. The passions that, even if sometimes overwhelm us, make us feel alive, the passions that come back stronger, like the sea waves. At a time when we have been forced to put our lives on hold, I thought about what makes our actions move, and they are the passions, I am not talking about the needs for which we do things almost like automatons because we have to do them, but what really makes us go on.

They are our deep passions, our desires. We will have to remember it more often, and I have remembered it when an event bigger than me forced me into immobility like everyone else… let’s remember it when we’ll gradually return to our lives, our engine is our soul, and we should follow our desires more often. So I tried to interpret this moment as an opportunity to review our values and priorities. We should let ourselves go a little more to our passions and try to make our life something truly ours, so if by chance or bad luck we are forced to stop again or reinvent a way of life, at least we will be more aware and, at least in part, satisfied. And this is not a small thing. My “lock down” has been this: looking at my soul for better or for worse, and get to know myself a little bit more. I invite you to do it and in the meantime I can give you my “sea wave”, hoping it will take away this strange moment .

Francesca Romana May 2020

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